Is Fruits Basket Prelude Based on the Original Manga?

Fruits Basket Prelude is set to release on 18 Feb this year. Here are some spoilers and information on its adaptation.

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Kyoko and Katsuya in a cheerful mood

As of writing this article, there's only just over a month left for the release of the prequel movie of Fruits Basket. The film will tell us the story of Kyoko and Katsuya. They were Tohru Honda's parents who died at a young age, only to leave their daughter alone in the world without any relatives or friends to rely on.

Fruits Basket is a critically acclaimed anime and manga series revolving around Tohru Honda and the mysterious Sohma family. This heartwarming series is a perfect blend of romance, comedy, and even tragedy.

main characters of Fruits Basket Prelude

The story touched the hearts of many, so fans were upset over the fact when it was concluded in June last year. On a happy note, not long after, a prequel movie was announced to take the audience another roller coaster of emotions.

Even though Tohru's mother Kyoko died a year before the original timeline of the series, she plays an important role in her life as well as in Kyo's. The prequel movie is set to release on 18 February 2022.

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What is the Plot of Fruits Basket?

Tohru Hona is a 17-year-old orphaned girl who has to temporarily take shelter in a tent in the mountains. She is a bright and cheerful girl who always appears to be happy despite losing many things in life.

After the death of her mother, she starts living with her grandfather, but due to the house renovations, she was asked to temporarily move in with her friends. Not wanting to bother anyone, she went to the mountains without knowing that it was private property.

shigure, Kyoko and Katsuya camping in the forest

The land belongs to the Sohma family. She stumbles across Yuki Sohma, her classmate, and Shigure, Yuki's guardian. Upon finding out about her situation, they offered her a place in their home.

All seemed well until Tohru met up with Kyo Sohma and accidentally hugged him. He suddenly transformed into a cat. To make matters worse Tohru stumbled on Yuki and Shigure, transforming them into a rat and a dog respectively.

tohru with transformed cat,rat and dog

When the chaos quiet down, Shigure explained to her about the curse of the Sohma family that makes 13 members of the family transform into the animals of their respective Chinese Zodiac signs. The story proceeds as Tohru meets all the zodiac members one by one and helps them deal with their inner conflicts.

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What is the Plot of Fruits Basket Prelude?

 Kyoko and Katsuya Honda's cosy moments

As mentioned earlier, the movie tells the story of Kyoko and Katsuya Honda who were Tohru's parents. The anime series always hinted at the fact that Kyoko was rebellious in her younger days and was even a member of a biker gang.

However, we never had the chance to see glimpses of her unruly character. All Fruits Basket fans have the image of Kyoko being a kind and gentle mother. Everything she taught to her daughter had seeped into the latter's personality.

 Kyoko and Katsuya during the sunset

As for Katsuya, we are even more in the dark about him as compared to Kyoko. There wasn't any scene of Katsuya talking to anyone or even a proper view of his profile. The only thing anime fans knew was that he was several years older than Kyoko and had a calm personality.

The movie follows her love story as they meet when Kyoko was a middle school student and he was her teacher. Although it wasn't impossible for them to be together, it was frowned upon.

 Kyoko and Katsuya with their daughter tohru in the beach

The couple struggle through several challenges to make their relationship work and build a beautiful family for themselves. Sadly, their happy lives were cut short with the death of Katsuya at an early age.

It got even worse for Tohru when her mother passed away a few years later as well. The movie perfectly portrays the joy and challenges of being in love as well as the despair of losing someone important to them.  

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Is Fruits Basket Prelude Based on the Original Manga?

kyoko and tohru in a cheerful mode showing a snap

For those of you who don't know, the prequel movie is based on the original manga. It covers some parts of the sixteenth volume, which the studio excluded from the original series since they didn't get enough slots to cover everything.

The chapters in volume 16 of the manga. Kyo feels guilty about his growing feelings for Tohru. He reminisces his interactions with Kyoko when she told him about her past as a biker gang member and her interaction with Katsuya.

kyo's death scene

She told him everything, from how they met, got married, had Tohru, up till to the point of Katsuya's death. Kyo then remembers her accident, how she died, and then Tohru came to live with him, Yuki, and Shigure.

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