FRIENDS Cast That Are Most Similar To These Anime Characters

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FRIENDS Cast That Are Most Similar To These Anime Characters

A FRIENDS reunion was announced recently and has quickly become the most talked-about event on the internet. People all over the world are excited to see their favorite characters reunite on 27th May 2021. Viewers had been asking for a reunion ever since the show ended back in 2004. 

With our collective wish finally being fulfilled, let’s look at some anime characters that resemble our Friends. Okay, hear us out on this one. Anime is as global a phenomena right now as Friends and for someone who is a fan of both, these just made sense to us.

Monica Geller and Mirajane Strauss From Fairy Tail

friends mirajane strauss

Monica Geller is the beloved “Mother Hen” friend of the group. She is kind, caring and friendly. Monica frequently cooks and serves for her friends and takes care of their everyday grievances just like our favourite guild hostess, Mirajane Strauss.

Mirajane is a loving and caring person who treats her friends, and even strangers, with kindness. However, Mirajane Strauss has a fierce, scary side to her. This is something that both her friends and enemies are afraid of. Likewise, Monica has an overly competitive, perfectionist side to her that often scares the people around her.

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Chandler Bing and Reigen Arataka From Mob Psycho 100

friends reigen arataka

Chandler Bing, the king of sarcasm is known for his funny one-liners and witty comebacks. Throughout most of the series, he is a market executive often occupying high-paying, respectable positions. However, he often says he is not happy with his job. 

This is something Chandler shares with the secondary protagonist of Mob Psycho 100, Reigen Arataka.

Reigen Arataka is an Esper, and while he is a fraud, he is actually quite successful. However, as we see throughout the show on multiple occasions, Reigen isn’t happy with his job. Moreover, like Chandler, Reigen is a genuinely funny and sarcastic guy in his own right, turning the grimmest moments into heartfelt chuckles.

Team Happy Members from The Kings A... x
Team Happy Members from The Kings Avatar

Phoebe Buffay and Saki Hanajima From Fruits Basket

saki hanajima

It is difficult to find a parallel to our bohemian, guitar playing, silly witted, Princess Consuela Bananahammock. Phoebe has, let’s say, an unconventional experience growing up. Consequently, she had to toughen up and often bullied people into submission. She has some highly specific superstitions. Moreover, Phoebe believes she possesses some form of psychic or supernatural abilities. 

And true enough, Phoebe is highly perceptive, sometimes unnaturally. We see a lot of this in the eccentric Saki Hanajima from Fruits Basket. Saki is depicted as very perceptive. She conducts herself in a deadpan, eccentric but extremely funny manner. She is considered to be scary by her female schoolmates, however, she cares deeply for her friends.

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Joey Tribbiani and Natsu From Fairy Tail

friends reigen arataka

Joey Tribbiani is generally a good-natured, charming and well-meaning person. However, he is not always the smartest. He loves food, women, sex, family and his friends.

We were conflicted whether Loke from Fairy Tail would be a better parallel to Joey, as they both share a love for beautiful women. However, eventually, we settled for Natsu Dragneel because we would like to think Joey loves food and his friends just a tad more than everything else. 

Rachel Greene and Bulma From Dragon Ball Series

mirajane strauss

Rachel Greene evolves a lot throughout the series. She starts out as a spoiled brat with a rich father. Rachel can often be self-centred, but she is also very sweet and tries to be a good friend. As the story progresses, Rachel grows into her own person and has a very successful career on her own.

Bulma follows a kind of similar journey throughout the Dragon Ball series. She starts out as a spoilt, self-centred and somewhat ignorant young woman. However, through her curiosity, intelligence and care for her friends, Bulma evolves into a person of her own.

Not to mention, the two of them have iconic styles and are beautiful fashionable women.

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Ross Geller and Rintaro Okabe From Steins;Gate

friends reunion

Ross Geller is a palaeontologist and Monic Geller’s brother. He is known for his nerdy and melodramatic personality, love of dinosaurs and a very awkward sense of humour. Growing up, Ross enjoyed doing science projects and imagine himself as a man of science. He is a smart man who takes pride in his accomplishments and embraces his nerdy side. 

Rintaro Okabe is the protagonist of the sci-fi, time travel anime Steins;Gate. Similar to Ross, Okabe is eccentric, melodramatic and a brilliant scientist. He likes to think of himself as a mad scientist. And get this, he wanted people to call him by a “cool” nickname that he came up with – Hououin Kyouma. Does that remind you a little bit of “The Divorce Force”? Because we couldn’t help but see the similarities.

This concludes our list of Friends characters and their anime counterparts. What characters do you think the cast of Friends resembles most with, let us know in the comments.

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