Free Guy Is The Most Anticipated Forgettable Movie

"I may not be real. But for a second there, I felt pretty alive."

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The movie that had got so many of Ryan Reynolds's fans hyped up from the get-go was Free Guy.

A great concept that places itself right in today's age of streaming and gaming.  

A Non-Playable Character gaining sentience and breaking apart the system (quite literally) to make everyone else free from what the game developers wanted them to be whilst making their own identity free from the shackles of code that had imprisoned their true self.

The movie itself is great, however, one cannot fail to notice that even with so much shock and awe included in the film, it still comes out lackluster.

In a movie that features characters that die and come back to life in an action-packed fantasy world, the more interesting plot lies with the characters that live in our reality.

The plot is a mixture of many but master of none

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The plot of Free Guy is about an NPC who becomes self-aware and attempts to break the mold of the world he is living in while dying again and respawning again and again in the process of doing so.

If the film did not place itself within the modern standards of multiplayer gaming platforms, most would instantly recognize the plot to be a mixture of The Truman Show, Ready Player One, and a hint of Edge Of Tomorrow.

Even after borrowing elements of story-telling from these legendary films, it comes off as a rather plain and unoriginal story where the ending can be predicted within the first half of the film.

The only thing that keeps the audience hooked is Ryan Reynold's humor and charisma that he brings to the table.

Too much CGI to make a lasting impression

a man walking through the streets of Free City

Due to the nature of the film, CGI had to be one of the biggest elements to make the film work.

However, Free Guy somehow managed to make the film feel slightly overwhelming with the amount of CGI that could easily become disorienting for its audience which will pull them out of the viewing experience.

The movie managed to make one of the biggest assets it could offer to its audience more of a liability.

However, it is not all bright colors filled with CGI that take the majority of the reason behind this film being so forgettable as there are many others that have overused their CGI and have still come out as successful films.

References and cameos are the main joy factor

Guy using a Hulk fist to punch Dude

Ryan Reynolds being the man that he is, obviously let in as many references and cameos as possible without making it look too cheesy.

In fact, some of the most memorable moments from the film are when it pulls references to other games, movies, and streamers.

Featuring Chris Evans and popular YouTuber Jacksepticeye among others to make small yet significant cameos to give the audience something to enjoy is one of the best decisions Free Guy could take.

It not only sold itself as a Ryan Reynolds movie but also as a movie that incorporates internet culture as a whole.  

The fact that this is one of the bigger reasons to watch this film can be a testament to just how much the film has to rely on the popularity of others to carry itself to being the most anticipated forgettable movie.

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