Forecasting Love & Weather | Who Was Calling Si Woo All This Time?

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Ha-Kyung and Si-Woo team up in Episode 6 of Forecasting Love and Weather to lure Um into a room upstairs. Si-Woo is concerned about why she's brought Um to a motel rather than back home, but she maintains quiet about Um's family problems.

Things end on an unpleasant note when one of the motel's women walks by, stroking Si-Woo's shoulder and wanting to see him again in the future.

Meanwhile, the weather phenomena this time are around hot weather and rising temperatures. In the Um family, the heat increases as his wife and daughter discuss how Dong-Han will be in the KMA for a while.

Um understands how late he is when he wakes up in the motel and runs into the office... only to find out he's on night shift and shouldn't have rushed in the first place.

Who Is Calling Si-woo?

Meanwhile, Si-woo leaves with Ha-Kyung, who thinks they should reevaluate their relationship.

She's been reeling since the motel incident, and she feels like her prior trauma is resurfacing. She's having trouble trusting him and needs some space to avoid being hurt.

Si-Woo interrupts Ha-Kyung with four words as she prepares to walk away: "It was my father". Si-Woo's motivations for staying at the motel appear to be connected to his father, Myung-Han.

Si-Woo's father has a gambling problem, which is why he's been begging for money and calling him for so long. He seized Si-funds Woo's and left him with nothing last year.

Si-Woo is staying at a training facility because he can't afford to pay a deposit. Myung-Han, on the other hand, is unconcerned. He even asks his son to borrow money.

Unfortunately, Myung-Han overheard Si-Woo and Ha-Kyung conversing at the motel's entrance, with a particular focus on "Director Jin".

Ki-Jun starts talking about marriage with Yu-Jin the next day.

However, she isn't overjoyed about it. She pauses while filling out the documents as well, evidently undecided about whether or not to proceed.

Meanwhile, Ha-Kyung's health mother deteriorates. Tae-Kyung sends Hae-Kyung a message encouraging her to visit the hospital, but she ignores it because she is on night duty.

Ha-Kyung is completely focused on his task, despite the fact that the office is unusually quiet. Seok-Ho observes Myung-Joo is disturbed by the calm that follows and asks her what's wrong.

She's clearly conflicted about her partner's desire to take the technical exam. She simply grins faintly and goes about her business.

Why Did Si-Woo's Father Call Ha-Kyung?

Si-Woo's father calls Ha-Kyung, requesting a meeting, and claims there is something important she has to know regarding Si-Woo.

After pointing out that he saw them both at the motel, Ha-Kyung meets him and he effectively blackmails her.

He's now focused on her, and he wants Ha-Kyung to pay him money in exchange for her silence.

Ha-Kyung leaves her phone behind the desk, where she receives a call from home, in her haste. Si-Woo takes it and discovers that her mother has been rushed to the hospital.

Si-Woo rushes downstairs, where he finds Ha-Kyung disoriented and visibly shaken by the Myung-Han incident.

Fortunately, Ha-Kyung's mother will be fine and will be permitted to return home after being monitored overnight.

Si-Woo even comes over to check on her. In doing so, he gives up his whole life savings of 10 million won.

Ha-Kyung and how Myung-Han met her were brought up by Myung-Han. He even demanded ten million won, which is exactly what Si-Woo had given him.

Si-Woo finally cracks, slamming his father against the wall and asking him to get out of his life and leave him alone.

Ki-Jun continues to struggle with his themed essays in her absence. He's suffering because Ha-Kyung has helped him with every single one before this, so he tries to go down and visit her.

Of course, Ha-Kyung isn't present, but Myung-Joo is well aware of the situation. She notifies the rest of the department about Ki-Jun's activities.

Myung-Joo bumps into her spouse, who is also working, on her way out and is punished by his employer.

Myung-Joo decides to let him pursue his aspirations and advises him to make the most of the following year in order to pass the technical exam.

She won't be able to support him for much longer, but they're all smiles as they work out their differences.

In the meantime, Si-woo goes to see Ha-Kyung again, apologizing for what occurred with his father. Ha-Kyung, on the other hand, is well-versed in parenting issues, particularly in the case of her father.

She really witnessed her father hang himself after his business failed, which clearly had a profound impact on her.

This is one of the previous trauma events she discussed at the beginning of the episode. She also tells Si-Woo that he should not be like the others.

To top it all off, she unexpectedly invites him to live with her.

Ki-Jun and Yu-Jin are caught in the middle of their fate. Ki-Jun submits his article without Ha-Kyung's support, but Yu-Jin's revelation knocks him back down to reality.

She is adamant about not registering their marriage, but she doesn't explain why. The episode ends on an alarming cliffhanger, setting up the next week's chapters.

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