Forecasting Love & Weather: Is Ha-Kyung & Si-Woo Dating?

Is Han Ki-jun happy with his new wedding? Is Ha-Kyung & Si-Woo actually dating?

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Ha Kyung and Si Woo were accidentally intertwined in each other's lives in previous episodes of "Forecasting Love and Weather". They slept together because of a drunken mistake when they hardly knew each other.

Ha-Kyung had promised to never date a colleague again after her painful breakup with Ki Jun, but things between her and Si Woo quickly escalated. She couldn't have predicted the erratic weather.

Ha-Kyung attempts to explore her feelings toward Si Woo in episodes 3 and 4 of "Forecasting Love and Weather" in order to create a clear prognosis about their relationship in the future.

Is Han Ki-jun happy with his new wedding?

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Due to the extremely foggy weather, there was a major collision on the expressway. As a result, the weather department has declared a state of emergency. They have to keep a constant eye on the weather and report on it.

Ha-Kyung's mother is busy finding a marriage for her while she is at work. She entered Ha Kyung's name into a matchmaking agency without her permission.

Her older sister is divorced, and Ha Kyung's marriage has ended. Her mother has her reasons, but her daughters don't know what they are.

The honeymoon period of Han Ki Jun's marriage has come to an end. He was growing tired of waking up first, cooking breakfast, going to work, and then returning home to find the house drab and unclean. He has been handling all of the household chores on his own, with no assistance from Yu Jin.

Instead, she's been bugging Ki-Jun about getting his portion of the apartment from Ha-Kyung and whining about how much their current rent is.

Ki Jun is already concerned since he hasn't been performing well at work, and it reminds him of how Ha Kyung used to aid him when he was stuck.

He, on the other hand, is completely unaware of what he is doing incorrectly. When things between him and Ha Kyung didn't work out, he chose to keep quiet about it and cheated on Ha Kyung instead of talking about it. He's doing the same error he did with Yu Jin, namely, he's not talking.

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Han Ki Jun discovers Yu Jin and Si Woo's photographs in her book and realises she has lied. Si Woo showed up for their wedding and Yu Jin pretended she didn't know who he was.

She has yet to tell Ki Jun about her previous relationship. Yu Jin isn't the only one who is concealing the truth in this situation.

Ki Jun hasn't told her that he couldn't acquire a share in the apartment because he has such a small financial interest in it, and now that Ha Kyung has discovered his financial schemes, there's no way he'll gain a dime from it.

Yu Jin, on the other side, interviews Ha Kyung and publishes incorrect facts in the newspaper, tarnishing the meteorological department's reputation.

While Ha Kyung's superiors back her since they are aware of the nasty reporters, Ki Jun is chastised by his superiors because he has no idea what his wife is up to.

Ki Jun and Yu Jin fought and let out all of their pent-up emotions.

They appear to be debating whether or not to get married. Yu Jin married for money, and Ki Jun for compassion, yet neither appears to obtain what they seek.

Is Ha-Kyung & Si-Woo actually dating?

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Ha-Kyung is the Korea Meteorological Administration's youngest director in its history.

She is gifted and meticulous, but she is uneasy in her current job because she is responsible for assigning tasks to her superiors. It makes her question her own talents on occasion.

Um, a senior forecaster, was a front-runner to become the next director, but he declined. Other staff are unaware of this and misinterpret Mr. Um's actions as a sign of his animosity against Ha Kyung.

When Ha Kyung inquires as to why Mr. Um failed to inform her when she was late, he responds that she should have given him a correct order rather than delegating the task to someone else.

When Ha Kyung fled the restaurant to escape her coworkers, one of them saw her rushing away but didn't see her face. The rumor that Si Woo is dating someone began as a result of this.

When pressed by his coworkers, he admits to dating and that they met at work, further spreading the rumors that he is dating a coworker.

Ha Kyung, who has been listening to everything, interrupts him and tells everyone to get back to work.

She overburdens Si Woo with work, giving the impression that she is punishing him for something. By acting in this manner, Ha Kyung draws attention to whatever relationship they have.

Ha-Kyung has been up all night writing a weather report and dialing Si Woo for help when she gets stuck. Si Woo has already lost his sleep, so he arrives at Ha-Kyung's flat with a pizza box.

They have a more relaxed demeanor and are pleasant. He stays up all night to aid her, and they wake up to stunning daybreak. They have, in fact, been dating one another.

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Si Woo has already expressed his wish to date Ha-Kyung, and Ha-Kyung has now expressed her thoughts as well.

However, there are certain limitations to this relationship. Once their coworkers learn about it, their relationship is gone.

So far, they haven't shown any signs of a rebound relationship, but only future episodes of "Forecasting Love and Weather" will reveal what their hidden office romance has in store.

Forecasting Love and Weather: Why Did Ha-Kyung Call Off Her Wedding?
Why Did Ha-Kyung Call Off Her Wedding?
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