FMA: Is Maes Hughes The Most Irritating Character?

Anime Apr 27, 2021

Maes Hughes was an Amestrian State Military Officer who worked in the investigation that took place in central city and was Colonel Roy Mustsang’s best Friend. He first appeared in episode five of the 2003 anime. He was the closest supporter of Mustang’s secret bid. A devoted family man and soldier, all he wanted to do was serve people.

Appearance & Personality : Maes Hughes

He was a tall and lean man, always in uniform. Hughes had black hair. Hughes was generally liked by most of the characters in the series but not when he was pushing his love for his wife and daughter on other people.

Maes Hughes FMA | The Most Irritating Character?
Maes Hughes FMA | The Most Irritating Character?

His murder was the starting point from where the series picked up.  However, after his death, he was promoted two ranks, making him a Brigadier General. Most of the series he was shown as a cheerful person. He almost always appeared randomly, joyfully butting in when something important was being discussed.

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Is He The Most Irritating Character? : FMA

Maes Hughes And His Daughter
Maes Hughes And His Daughter

He was rather well known for shirking his duties just to have a chit chat with his friends, even though he was fully aware of all the work that was pilling up. Despite his attitude, he was a hospitable person. He never liked to take ‘no’ for an answer when offering a position under his authority or even night stays at his house. This behavior of his, made the Elric brothers call him a ‘kidnapper’.

It was very obvious that his most famous trait was his love for his wife, Gracia, and his daughter, Elicia. He always kept their pictures with him in his hands and had good relationships with Gracia, his wife, Elicia, his daughter and Roy Mustang, his closest friend. Maes was generally kind towards the Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse. He accepted Winry Rockbell as a surrogate member of the family.

Hughes rather enjoyed her company and youthful spirit. He was mainly assigned with the Investigations Division in the central city. He was way more involved with the police and their work than he was in the actual battles.He was well known for his strength as he took down an entire Homunculus by himself. Hughes, despite all his weird and cheerful behavior, was a wise man who is loved by fans.

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