Flower of Evil Kdrama Review: Best drama of Lee Joon Gi?

Is this the Best drama of Lee Joon Gi? What is the drama Flower of Evil? Does Flower of Evil have a happy ending? Did Do Hyun Su kill anyone?

Flower of Evil Kdrama Review

The Korean drama Flower of Evil just gives you enough creeps and a scary vibe. What is the popular Kdrama about and why are people so crazy about it?! Director Kim Cheol Kyu received the Best Director Award at the 57th BaekSang Art Awards 2021.

Most certainly, he definitely deserves the award for giving fans such a beautiful and nerve-wracking story that kept us hooked at the edge of our seats every week. The thrill to watch Flower of Evil every single week, without fail, had fans wrapped up in their fingers.

The 2021 Kdrama starring Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won was a reunion for the actors after the previous work Criminal Minds (Korea). The 16 episode Kdrama aired on TvN. If it’s TvN, you can without a doubt, just watch that drama.

TvN has a good reputation, and Flower of Evil justified why this network and the drama succeeded at getting the fans’ attention. Lee Joon Gi was spectacular in every sense and gave a stellar performance that made our jaws drop and gave us goosebumps.

Kudos to the music team for creating such a perfect original background score that went so well with the scenes, especially the suspense and cliffhanger scenes. Words aren’t enough to describe Lee Joon Gi’s expressionless and scary acting, even his emotional scenes will make you cry tears of blood with him.

His acting gripped our hearts and rendered us powerless and feel helpless. His character compelled us to feel his pain, dilemma, conflicts, and predicaments.

Before you proceed, this article contains some spoilers so tread carefully!!! Please don’t cry if you read any spoilers, and if you haven’t watched the drama, what are you waiting for!

The drama is over and you can chill and binge it at your heart’s content. You can rewatch it again and again and cry together with Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won as they struggle, cry, fight and face the hurdles together. It was definitely nice to see a blonde Lee Joon Gi in the series.

What is the drama Flower of Evil?

Flower of Evil Kdrama

The Flower of Evil is a suspense thriller story that revolves around Do Hyun Su, who falls in love with a homicide detective and marries her. Do Hyun Su is an emotionless Psychopath who assumes the identity of Baek Hee Sung to escape a witch hunt from his past.

He tries his best to hide his past from his wife, but then the series of murders start to unravel and his lies start to catch up with him and begins a journey to uncover the lies and prove his innocence to his wife and daughter.

Flower of Evil tests relationships, love, and faith. Lee Joon Gi plays the role so beautifully that viewers are bound to get emotional. Actress Moon Chae Won beautifully portrayed the role of  Cha Ji Won who was wrapped around her husband and had blind faith.  

What does the Flower of evil mean?

Flower of Evil illustrates the character of Do Hyun Su played by Lee Joon Gi that is not black or white. It cannot be defined as a purely evil or a good character. Do Hyun So’s character had multiple layers of shades and that’s how his character is best defined.

He might be a psychopath, but can a psychopath really love someone? Can they really care about anyone other than themselves? The drama showed burning questions and highlighted how Do Hyun So’s character suffer unjustly throughout his life, and his wife was the only place that he can call home.

The struggle and difficulties faced by Hun So and Ji Won were heartbreaking, but nevertheless brings out lots of questions. Even Ji Won learned to let go of her old world and started to accept the truth after destroying the shell she built for herself.

Does Flower of Evil have a happy ending?

Well, Justice is served and Do Hyun Su gets cleared of the false charges. But there’s a catch! Everything gets reset for Hyun So and Ji Won. It was sad, but the ending was not quite there.

It could have been better, but it wasn’t worse. The ending is sort of happy and you might wanna take the ending with a pinch of salt. The ending tried to be realistic, but it can’t be called a happy ending per se. Who knows, perhaps a season 2!!!    

Is Flower of Evil done?

As much as it breaks our hearts, Flower of Evil has finished airing. The last episode aired on 23rd September 2020. The series was a guilty pleasure for most fans and on Thursdays and Fridays, the day was officially booked for Flower of Evil.

Who kills in Flower of Evil?  Did Do Hyun Su kill anyone?

The main culprit was Do Hyun Su’s dad and Baek Hee Sung who were both emotionally deranged psychopaths who killed for the thrills. Spoiler alert!!! If it’s Do Hyun Su, he didn’t kill a single soul. So, no, he might have hurt people in an unfair advantage, but he didn’t kill anyone.  

"I want you to think about what you really want. Then you can decide so that you will not end up hating yourself."
- Flower of Evil

Who is the villain in Flower of Evil?

It’s definitely Baek Hee Sung, the real guy. That doesn’t come off as much a surprise, but the role was written in such a manner, that it was the only suspect left. It wasn’t that hard to guess. The actor did an amazing job portraying his role. The role wasn’t easy and he played with no flaw whatsoever.  

Is Flower of Evil scary?

That depends on your personal appetite and definition of scary. There are some scenes you cannot prepare your heart to watch it. The creepy scenes are quite scary, but overall Flower of Evil is not that scary. Some scenes might not be for the faint of the heart, but the drama is highly enjoyable. Flower of Evil is highly recommended and missing this drama is a sin in itself!

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