10 Facts You Need To Know About The Cart Titan

Things you need to remember about The Cart Titan before the story of Attack On Titan comes to an end.

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a huge creature carrying a man

The Cart Titan did not get much limelight in the former seasons of Attack On Titan.

However, with the reveal of Pieck Finger, the inheritor of Cart Titan, we got to know more and more about this unique Titan.

Pieck is an Eldian who served as Marleyan Warrior.

She quickly became a fan favourite because of her quirks and usual demeanour.

Here are some interesting facts about the Cart Titan.

1. The Cart Titan Form

a man using a variety of weapons

On all four limbs, the Cart Titan stands 4 metres tall and walks in a quadrupedal manner. Their torso is long and flat, making it easy to pack goods onto their backs.

Their face is long, with broad lips and a large nose, as well as a small forehead and a largemouth.

The Cart Titan has short, dark hair and no female features.

Their long face enables for unique armour, jaws, and war machines to be built and strapped to it; this is a typical Cart Titan dress when in combat.

As a result of inheriting the Cart Titan and remaining in its form for long periods of time, the inheritor was prone to forgetting how to walk normally and crawling like the Cart Titan.

When there were few people around, Pieck was often spotted crawling like the Cart Titan and using crutches to get around.

2. The Cart Titan Is Very Useful In Battles

the creature carrying a man

The Cart Titan may not be as flashy as other Titans but they are indispensable in battles.

Instead of joining fights head-on, they usually help their comrades.

They carry weaponry and often Titan shifters themselves.

The Cart Titan’s agility makes them perfect for emergency situations or as strategic surprise attacks.

3. The Cart Titan’s Speed Is No Joke

creature carrying Zeke and Reiner

The Cart Titan is ridiculously fast with their speed rivalling that of the Jaw titan. Reiner once noted that the Cart Titan was faster than the Jaw Titan.

They can utilize this speed to devastating impact, ripping a titan’s nape off in an instant. This is also useful in carrying injured comrades away in the heat of the battle.

Pieck has saved the lives of her comrades as the Cart Titan on many different occasions.

4. They Lack Healing Powers

an injured man

While the Cart Titan definitely possesses above-average strength, they do not fare so well in head-on fights.

They get easily injured and aren’t able to heal back as fast as other Titans.

Pieck's Cart Titan heals significantly more slowly than Reiner and Eren's titan forms, which can endure a lot of physical damage.

When the Eldian Devils from the Island of Paradis assassinate Pieck during the Assault on Marley, this shows to be a significant weakness.

5. The Cart Titan Can Talk

a fighter talking to the creature

Pieck is praised by her fellow Warriors and the Marleyan military for her intelligence.

She has demonstrated her ability to deduce implications based on data offered to her, and she is considered as someone who can make suitable decisions in a given situation.

Her talent is what prompted the Marleyan military to bestow the Cart Titan onto her.Other intelligent Titans can achieve insane feats through their strength and intellect.

However, Cart Titan is the only Titan apart from Beast Titan that can communicate properly in its Titan form.

6. They Outsmarted Captain Levi

the creature showing an evil grin

In season 3 of Attack On Titan, the Beast Titan singlehandedly decimated the survey corps along with Captain Erwin.

However, this was all according to Levi and Erwin’s plan. Levi then ambushes the Beast Titan, incapacitating his eyes and limbs in one fell swoop.

Levi would have finished the Beast Titan in the next few seconds if it weren’t for the Cart Titan’s sudden intervention.

The Cart Titan swiftly appeared, completely blindsided Levi and took Beast Titan away with itself.

The Cart Titan has saved the day for the Marleyan army on several occasions.

7. They Hid In Paradis

Pieck outsmarts Eren

As people in Paradis were strategizing on how to deal with Marley after having scouted it out, Pieck infiltrated and scouted out Paradis herself.

During a crucial turn of events, she came face to face with Eren and pointed a gun at his head.

She wasn’t going to kill him of course. She pretended to be on the same side as Eren only to blindside him and put him on the vulnerable spot.

8. The Cart Titan Has Extreme Endurance

Cart Titan and Zeke Yeagar

The Cart Titan had a higher amount of endurance than the rest of the Nine Titans, allowing the inheritor to participate in long missions without needing to rest.

Its absorption resistance allowed it to stay in Titan form for extended periods of time, making it a perfect choice for a range of tactics such as trench clearing and long-term operations into enemy territory.

Similarly, Pieck reports that the Cart Titan's power allowed her to conduct hundreds of transformations in a row before becoming exhausted.

9. The Cart Titan In Fights

creature fighting in the fight

The Cart Titan isn’t very well suited for head-on, one to one fights.

Pieck is almost never seen fighting alone. She often overwhelms her opponents with her intelligent planning and insane speed.

During the Battle of Shiganshina she was not only just able to retrieve a defeated Zeke Yeager and Reiner Braun.

The Cart Titan was also able to catch Levi and Hange, two of the Walls' most talented soldiers, off guard.

10. Pieck Finger Is The Perfect Pick For Cart Titan

Pieck Finger

Pieck is incredibly intelligent, able to quickly deduce a situation.

Despite possessing the limited offensive and defensive skills, the Cart Titan has survived every battle between warring titans depicted in the Attack on Titan anime.

The cart giant survives thanks to Pieck's fast thinking, ensuring the survival of her other soldiers. No one could have handled the unique powers of the Cart Titan in the way that Pieck is able to.

Her patience and intellect allow her to utilize the Cart Titan’s abilities to their fullest potential.