Extraordinary Attorney Woo | Ending Explained

How does Extraordinary Attorney Woo end? Is the Taon case wrapped up?

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo has proven to be one of the most perfectly named Netflix programs ever. This drama about a gifted lawyer named Woo Young-woo navigating life on the autism spectrum has swiftly become one of Korea's most successful TV exports of all time.

While it hasn't quite reached the heights of Squid Game, this endearing legal drama has amassed an astounding 67 million viewing hours in its sixth week, up from 24 million in its first.

Furthermore, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is now Netflix's ninth most-watched non-English series of all time. But sadly it has now come to an end.

Who is Tae Su-Mi’s son?

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 16 begins with a significantly distinct change of pace. Tae Su-kid, Mi's Sang-Hyeon, is a genius, and we follow him. He's received Cybersecurity prizes, has numerous solved Rubik's Cubes on his shelf, and his favourite cuisine is gimbap.

Sang-Hyeon overhears the Raon case on TV while eating, particularly how In-Cheol (the CEO) is still unconscious.

Sang-Hyeon stands forward in front of his mother and acknowledges responsibility for the hack. Su-Mi begs him not to reveal anything and to keep everything between them a secret. Su-Mi is desperate for the Ministry position and insists on his not turning himself in. Sang-Hyeon, on the other hand, throws a curveball when he addresses Young-Woo.

Jang is still in control at Hanbada, but he chastises Min-Woo, Su-Yeon, and Young-Woo for their roles in the Raon case. Despite winning the first trial, it's not over yet, because CEO Han actually joins their group as well.

Does Min-Woo betray Young-Woo?

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Meanwhile, Min-Woo meets with Su-Mi and relays information on Young-Woo. He brings up her failed relationship and confesses that now is the moment to bring her down.

Min-Woo, on the other hand, is not the one to accomplish it. He's changed his mind and decided to begin living like a fool instead. Of course, this is related to Su-statements Yeon's from the previous chapter.

That night, a representative from Taesan Law Firm comes by and hands Young-Woo a brochure with a promotion to Taesan Office on it, complete with a professional counsellor and double her current income. Jun-Ho is surprised as he hears all of this and decides not to go through with his confession of love.

Inside, Young-Woo speaks to her father, who reveals that her parentage will be made public and that this is Su-Mi's means of getting rid of her.

When Young-Woo places the brochure on the table, Gwang-Ho is already aware of the situation and believes that departing for the United States is in Young-best Woo's interests. But what exactly does she want to do? Young-Woo surely does not understand why she needs to conceal it right now.

What happens with Sang-Hyeon’s confession?

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Sang-Hyeon appears at Hanbada and confesses to his big sister that he is the one who hacked into Raon. He further mentions that a man named Chan-Hong hired him to do this and steal the information. Chan-Hong sought to remind In-Cheol of the "developer spirit," as he had become too much of a businessman.

According to Chan-Hong, he intended to use this attack to persuade his colleague to invest more in security. Sang-Hyeon used well-placed red herrings to make it appear that North Korea was the culprit. He's coming clean now since In-Cheol is in the hospital after being injured.

The problem is that if Young-Woo comes clean about this, it will be against her own client's best interests, putting her in a bind.

In any case, Su-Mi's kid records a video of his confession regarding the hack in case Hanbada decides to utilize it. CEO Han intends to use this as leverage on Su-Mi, preventing her from becoming Minister. As Han asserts that it's like "killing two birds with one stone," Young-Woo had another lightbulb moment.

How does Young-Woo resolve the case?

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Young-Woo deduces that when Sang-Hyeon handed Mr Kim the stolen personal data, he encrypted the entire transaction so that no one could truly access the personal data. This signifies that the damage caused by a personal data leak has not yet occurred.

In court, Young-Woo expresses similar feelings as a video is shown only to those involved to indicate Mr Kim was the one who coordinated the hack. Not only that, but the Board of Directors decides to cover it up and play damage control by firing Chan-Hong from the board.

However, a healing In-Cheol decides to go one step farther and actually sue Chan-Hong. Despite this, the defendants and the Judge agree not to use the video as evidence.

Throughout this, Sang-Hyeon messages Young-Woo to confirm that he will not be testifying since he is moving to the United States. This is clearly Su-Mi's fault. CEO Han believes that the only way around this is to leak the film nonetheless and hope for popular approbation.

How does Young-Woo convince Tae Su-Mi to let the evidence stand?

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Young-Woo is opposed to this because it will tarnish San-Hyeon. Instead, Young-Woo resolves to take matters into her own hands by seeing Su-Mi at Taesan Law Firm.

On the drive there, Jun-Ho speaks out, explaining why he enjoys being with her and all the things he's thankful for. Jun-Ho is content with the glitter in her eyes and the strong grip she has on Young-Woo. He also advises her not to end the relationship. As a result, Young-Woo tells him she agrees and believes they should be together.

Young-Woo approaches her mother and informs Su-Mi that she compares herself to a narwhal. She sees herself as a valuable, rare, and beautiful commodity, and she wants Su-Mi to share those values and do the right thing.

She begs Su-Mi to be a good mother to Sang-Hyeon, making up for what she didn't do with her and properly reprimanding Sang-Hyeon, allowing him to come clean about the video. It's a big deal, even for Young-Woo, who bursts into tears after such an intense meeting.

Is the Taon case wrapped up?

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This meeting is successful, and Sang-Hyeon is permitted to testify. Of course, there are terms, and one of them stems from the fact that Young-Woo is the one who needs to question Sang-Hyeon. Young-Woo accomplishes this by grilling Sang-Hyeon in court. He's open and honest, even apologizing to Raon for what he's done. Tae Su-Mi is also present and silently watches as her son is questioned.

Tae Su-Mi stands in front of the media and apologizes to everyone for what her son has done, including standing down as Minister of Justice. Han gets her way, but Su-Mi learns some humility and will hopefully double down on being there for her son now.

After the case is completed, all of our characters assemble for food and celebration. Myeong-Seok appears with Ji-Su, and he is questioned if he will return. He tries to wink at Young-Woo, implying that he will return, but she doesn't get the clue, so Myeong-Seok settles for a "maybe" for now!

How does Extraordinary Attorney Woo end?

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Young-Woo finds out the next day that she has been offered a full-time position at Hanbada. Her father is extremely proud of her and stands by as she leaves for the law office. "My daughter is fully grown up," Gwang-Ho boasts.

Young-Woo, for her part, returns to the subway, a nice callback to episode 1 when she witnessed the whale pass by the train outside. Young-Woo welcomes Jun-Ho as she jumps into work and admits to feeling fulfilled.


So Extraordinary Attorney Woo concludes with a really solid final episode, one that wraps up most of the major narrative lines while glossing over others, so it's a bit of a mixed bag, but it's definitely more positive than negative.

Min-Woo's character has been treated horribly, and he almost receives redemption by the end but fans would have loved to see some resolution with his actual profession. Even just one scene showing him acquiring a job at Hanbada would have sufficed.

Jun-Ho's character is another that hasn't got a lot of depth, while everyone else has had a really strong arc. The rest of the show has been fairly well written, and the cases themselves have been one of the series highlights. There's a concerted attempt across the board to return this to the slice-of-life drama that made the early sections so lovable, and that's what we get with this final episode.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, with a lengthy runtime of 1 hour 22 minutes, does well to bring everything back around, with that vision of Young-Woo taking the train and witnessing the whales outside. Whether or not there will be a second season is unknown, but one thing is certain: this has been a wild rollercoaster trip of a K-drama throughout the weeks.

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