Erased: Episode 9 Review | ‘Closure'

Anime Apr 5, 2021

The ninth episode of the series Erased aired on 4 March 2016. The title of the episode is Closure.

Erased Episode 9 Summary

Erased episode 9 picks up from the ending of the earlier episode in which Hinazuki’s mother is extremely angry to see the Fujinuma. Kayo’s mother, Akemi accuses Satoru and his mother of taking Kayo for the past three days. Satoru’s mother then accuses her of not being a good mother as she does care enough about Kayo to go and look after her. This angers Akemi and she picks up a shovel and charges at Satoru’s mother. Kayo tries to stop her mother and Satoru tries to pull his mother away. Satoru’s mother gets a very small cut from the shovel. Kayo’s mother is then caught in the act by the child services. Still, she refuses to talk to them about the relationship between her and her daughter.

Akemi loses her cool

She tries to go to the police so that she can sue Fujinuma. But is stopped after a few steps when Yashiro brings Akemi’s mother or Kayo’s grandmother. Akemi’s mother apologises to her daughter for not being there enough for her as she was raising Kayo alone. She was in an abusive relationship with her ex-husband and she divorced him when Kayo was still young. Later on, the abused becomes the abuser and the cycle continues. Akemi breaks down after hearing the apology from her mother. Kayo goes on to live with her grandmother.

erased episode 9

This brings a ‘closure’ in Kayo’s case. But soon, Satoru’s focus shifts to the other would-be victims, Hiromi and Aya.
The next day in school, Satoru was asked by Yashiro that whether Kayo was with him the whole time, he replies that she was in the hideout. Upon hearing the location of the hideout, Yashiro Sensei points out that Satoru thought like a kidnapper.

hideout fujinuma kayo hinazuki

Now, with Kayo out of the picture, Satoru does not want the other two children to be alone. So he accompanies Hiromi and follows Aaya to know about her daily routine. While he was following her, his mother sees him and calls him to help her. Satoru starts complaining about the heavy grocery bags, after a few moments, they get a ride from Yashiro Sensei who was also present near the same area. While sitting in his car, Satoru notices something sticking out and hence opens the small cabinet. He discovers a stash of candies that shocks him. He says that it is an alternative to his cigarettes. Satoru goes with Hiromi and Kenya to examine the contents but it was already gone and the episode ends here.

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The first half of the episode is again one of the emotional parts of the show which amplifies how the abused becomes the abuser. Kayo ultimately survives and leaves the town to start a brighter life. Another highlight of the episode was the stash of candies. Is it clearly being shown that Yashiro is the killer or that like Yuuki being framed? The mystery will soon get cleared in the upcoming episodes.

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