Erased: Episode 8 Review | 'Spiral'

Anime Apr 4, 2021

The eighth episode of the series Erased aired on 26 February 2016. The title of the episode is Spiral.

Erased Episode 8 Summary

Erased episode 8 starts right with the suspenseful ending of its previous episode. A man seems to enter the bus and kicks one of the boxes out of frustration and leaves. Hinazuki feels very scared because of this event. Satoru leaves early in the morning to meet Kayo before school. His mother knows that he is going to go to meet Kayo. Hence, she sends breakfast on the pretence that he might feel hungry again before lunch. Satoru gives the box to Kayo and talks to her before going to school. Kayo finds a handwritten note written by Satoru’s mother which said that she has added all of her son’s favourite things.

handwritten note

When the class starts, all the students notice that Hinazuki is missing. Some of them are concerned, others think she is lucky not to attend the boring class. Satoru does not let any of his classmates know about the location or the current situation of Hinazuki. Satoru goes to his Sensei who tells him that he has already informed child care services and he will go to visit Kayo’shouse along with the members of the child care services. But, when he does nobody was at Kayo’s home.


Satoru and his friends go to visit Hinazuki after school. She tells them about the man who entered the bus and left a bag. Kenya empties the contents of the bag hoping it will be a bunch of dirty magazines. But instead finds many disturbing things such as mask, ropes, gloves etc. Satoru is shocked and horrified as he instantly understands the intention behind the contents present in the bag.

Erased episode 8

He also tries to memorize the footprint of the man which he left behind when he kicked one of the boxes. Satoru realises that he and his loved ones are still in the loop of murdering spree and that nothing has changed so far. This angers him but Kenya calms him down and they move on to Plan B. Satoru brings Kayo into his house along with Kenya and Hiromi. Satoru’s understanding mother welcomes them and feeds them curry. Satoru’s mother and Hinazuki take a bath together and Satoru’s mother washes her hair. Kayo spends the night in Satoru’s house.

Hinazuki crying

When the children wake up in the morning, Satoru’s mother had already cooked and served their breakfast. The sight of a full hot breakfast brought back the memories of the food that Kayo had as breakfast, all alone and makes her burst into tears. Kayo goes back to the house and when her mother was about to hit her, Satoru and his mother stand behind her and the episode ends over there.

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This was by far the most emotional episode of the series and also my personal favourite. The bond between Satoru and his mother was beautifully portrayed with a range of traits such as trust and understanding. Coming to the highlight of the episode, Hinazuki’s first night around an adult who does not use her as a human punch bag. Starting from the moment when Kayo flinched when Satoru’s mother raised her hand to get her hair washed. The psychological trauma due to the abuse is shown beautifully. The most emotional and heartbreaking scene was when kayo remembers the breakfasts she had her entire life- cup noodles, two pieces of bread or sometimes only a bit of money. The sound of Hinazuki crying moves you and makes you feel for her more than ever.

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