Erased: Episode 6 Review | 'Grim Reaper'

Anime Apr 1, 2021

The sixth episode of the series Erased aired on 12 February 2016. The title of the episode is Grim Reaper.

Erased Episode 6 Summary

Erased episode 6 starts with Satoru running towards Airi’s house which is on fire. He goes upstairs and finds Airi lying down unconscious. He picks her up and puts a small cloth on her nose to prevent smoke from going inside anymore. This is when Airi regains consciousness for a few seconds and puts her cell phone in Satoru’s pocket. He reaches the staircase but was having great difficulty carrying Airi alone.

Satoru rescues Airi

The manager comes and takes charge of rescuing Airi. Satoru leaves after the manager goes outside with Airi. He founds Airi’s cell phone in his pocket. Upon seeing the message, it gets clear that the actual killer wanted to frame him for both the murders. Satoru calls a number that his mother left behind before getting killed, arranging a meeting with the same. He is an old journalist acquaintance of Satoru’s mother whose name is Sawada.

Erased Episode 6

The man shares the details about the last phone call he had with his mother. Satoru’s mother claimed to know the true identity of the kidnapper from years ago but could not tell it over the phone. Sawada notices the patterns of the kidnapping and killings and notes that the murderer followed the same pattern for many years. Satoru gets a list of possible suspects that Sawada has created over the years after going through several cases.

Sawada also goes to the hospital to collect more details from Airi but instead finds her mother lying on the bed. Airi goes to meet Satoru to tell him about a man named Nishizono who is part of the city council and could be the potential killer. But before their conversation goes any further, the police comes and arrests Satoru. While walking with the police, Satoru notices a sly smile on the face of a man standing on the sidewalk. He immediately understands that the man is the killer.

Satoru Shocked

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This episode explores the relationship dynamics between Airi and Satoru very well. The feelings which Airi has for proving Satoru’s innocence stems from her past. The mystery is building up well and this episode is better than the previous. Though half of the series is over by the end of this episode, the series is pretty engaging and interesting for its viewers. The potential killer is a part of the city council. This shows he can pull a lot of strings as he occupies a position of power. He is also very smart and calculative. Now the question is, will Satoru be able to match his level of intelligence?

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