Erased: Episode 5 Review | 'Getaway'

The fifth episode of the series Erased aired on 5 February 2016. The title of the episode is Getaway.

Erased Episode 5

The fifth episode of the series Erased aired on 5 February 2016. The title of the episode is Getaway.

Erased Episode 5 Summary

Erased episode 5  starts with the young child Satoru worrying about Kayo not reaching home. He quickly concludes that some bad has happened.

The promise of getting his gift will never be fulfilled. His mother assures him that it is not his fault and that there’s only so much that a single person can do.

She encourages him to keep continuing all of his activities like before instead of getting depressed.

The school authorities on the first day inform the class that Kayo is not well.

Later, it informs that Hinazuki has gone to her grandmother’s house for ‘personal reasons.

As a few days went by, another girl from Izumi elementary school goes missing.

Erased Episode 5

After this, Hinazuki’s mother is no longer the prime suspect as the police look for other clues.

Taking advantage of this, Kayo’s mother threw all of her belongings including the gloves she got as a present away.

Satoru upon observing this runs, screaming away in misery. Soon, he comes back to 2006 where he is still running away from the police with blood on his hand.

He goes to the manager of the pizza store he worked in to rest for some time.

But the news of him becoming time spent has already got its way to the news channel.

The manager reports him to the police and once again he runs away. This is when he finds Airi and she takes him to her house.

To avoid any suspicion, she goes to work the next day. While returning, she takes a take-out pizza and bids goodbye to the manager who was in a meeting with a man who works in the city council.

Erased Episode 5

The manager understands Satoru is staying at Airi’s house and goes to collect proof so that he could report it to the authorities.

But he is interrupted by Airi, who punches him in the face. Satoru goes to another location to hide so that Airi faces no inconvenience.

On asking the reason for her help, she tells Satoru about her dad. Also, she wants to believe him for her sake.

At night, she gets a text from Satoru’s mother’s phone. After reading it and opening her bedroom door she realizes that her house is on fire and she is trapped inside.

Soon she becomes unconscious from the smoke.


This episode’s pace was slower than the previous episodes. It was also a little less exciting than the previous episodes.

But a lot of new prospects opened up. One of them is the past can be changed if the future does.

Also, the man who was in the meeting, with the manager, did not reveal his face. Last, would Airi survive the fire?

I think so there is a big chance that she will. Let’s find that out in the next episode.