Erased Episode 4 Review | 'Accomplishment'

Erased episode 4 starts with the recollection of Satoru’s memory of the incident which happened 11 years ago.

Erased Episode 4

The fourth episode of the series Erased aired on 29 January 2016. The name of the episode is Accomplishment.

Erased Episode 4 Summary

Erased episode 4 starts with the recollection of Satoru’s memory of the incident which happened 11 years ago.

From the previous episode, he knows what day Hinazuki will be kidnapped.

So, he makes sure she has not been left alone that day so that the future might change if the first kidnapping is stopped.

He asks his mom for some extra money for going out with his friends on Saturday. Right away, she understands that he is going on a date.

On further asking, he tells her about thinking of going on a date with Hinazuki on Saturday.

When he tells his friends about the plan, they start making excuses for not going with Hinazuki. But Satoru remains firm on taking her out and goes to Kayo’smother to ask for permission.

At first, Kayo’s mother refused to give her permission. But when she was about to hit the child, Satoru’s mother stops her.

Erased Episode 4

Hinazuki’s mother insists that it is none of her business to which Fujinuma’s mother replies “half of it is”.

Kayo gets permission to go out on Saturday, and the duo goes to a science museum.

During the visit, Satoru does feel that the events are repeating themselves and he is stuck in a loop.

Satoru discards this thought when the rest of his friends also join them in the museum.

Soon March 1 comes and Satoru grows more protective of Hinazuki. He doesn’t leave her alone till she reaches home safely to make sure she is not kidnapped.

The day goes on without any incidents and both of their birthdays arrive the next day.

After school, Kayo and Satoru get work from their homeroom teacher while the rest of their friends leave early.

Erased Episode 4

After completing the work in school, both of them head to Fujinuma’s house. They are greeted with surprise by the rest of their friends.

They both eat and enjoy themselves a lot with their friends. Kayo gets a pair of gloves as a present from Satoru.

She tells him that she is not done with hers but will give it later. After the birthday celebration gets over, Satoru drops Hinazuki at her place.

He returns home with a feeling of ‘accomplishment’ in his heart. When he reaches the school, the next day, he finds out that she is absent.

This tells him that something wrong has happened to her. The episode ends with a look of shock on Satoru’s face.


The episode focused on what Satoru thought about the “accomplishments” and how to achieve them.

I enjoyed watching this episode. One of the key moments from this episode was Hinazuki’s mom bitterly calling Satoru a “knight in shining armor” and Satoru’s mom holding Hinazuki’s mother at the right time.

Kayo’s mother stopped hitting her for a few days after this incident. The ending made me get up on my toes. Not only does it leave Satoru in a State of helplessness but also us.