Erased: Episode 3 Review | 'Birthmark'

Satoru inviting Kayo while they are in the park. The next day, an ice-skating race takes place between Satoru and one of his classmates

Erased Episode 3

The third episode of the series Erased aired on January 22, 2016. The title of the episode is ‘Birthmark’. The third episode is better than the first two in terms of storyline picking up pace. Let’s take a small recap of the episode.

Erased Episode 3 Summary

Erased episode 3 starts from the place where the second episode left us. Satoru invites Kayo while they are in the park.

The next day, an ice-skating race takes place between Satoru and one of his classmates. Satoru is initially leading the race.

But in between, he gets lost in the thoughts of his 29-year-old self. Knowing, his victory would in this race mean nothing in the future, he lets the other boy win the race intentionally.

Erased Episode 3

This angers his friends. When Satoru goes to Kayo and says his opponent ‘was really fast’, this disappoints Kayo.

She calls Satoru and herself a liar and fake. After this, Satoru uses his mind and finds out that she was killed before her birthday.

He goes to the staff room to see her birthday from the attendance book but is caught by his homeroom teacher.

Yashiro Sensei is a sharp and intellectual man of 29 years old who helps Satoru to befriend Kayo.

After school gets over, he spends some time with Yuuki and then goes to Kayo’s house.

Erased Episode 3

He finds her badly beaten up with bruises all over her body lying in her home’s shed.

Satoru gets furious after knowing the true nature of the abuse kayo is facing at home.

The next day, in the class, when kayo is accused of stealing the lunch money, Satoru stands up for her.

This makes her feel good and they both start talking to each other once more. Satoru takes kayo to the Christmas tree on the mountain.


This episode gave a little more background on how Kayo was abused by her mother at home.

The sight of her lying down in the shed and her mother pushing her face into the iced water was absolutely heart–wrenching and disgusting.

Satoru was able to figure out the day of the kidnapping and this created a feeling of excitement.

By the end of the third episode, you will definitely make up your mind to watch the entire series if you didn’t already.