Erased: Episode 12 Review | ‘Treasure'

Erased episode 12 or the final episode of the series starts with a flashback of Kayo. She comes to visit Satoru and is grateful for his ‘sacrifices’ and help

Erased: Episode 12 Review | ‘Treasure'

The final episode of the series Erased aired on 25 March 2016. The title of the episode is Treasure.

Erased Episode 12 Summary

Erased episode 12 or the final episode of the series starts with a flashback of Kayo. She comes to visit Satoru and is grateful for his ‘sacrifices’ and help.

Later, his friends Kenya and Hiromi come to visit and he reveals that he has regained his lost memories.

He tells both of them that Yashiro is the killer.

Kenya has already suspected Yashiro but now he knows that he is right. Satoru notes that the evidence of all his crimes is gone as it has been 15 years.

Satoru tries to come up with a plan on his own but his thoughts are interrupted by Kenya who lets Satoru know that he does not have to carry the burden alone.

Afterward, when Satoru’s mother comes to visit him, he tries to tell her that he has regained his lost memories.

But his mother understood even before Satoru has the chance to complete his sentence.

She supports his decision to “hold the bull by its horns”. The scene then focuses on the present- the confrontation between Yashiro and Satoru.

Erased Episode 12

Yashiro had made a plan to kill Kumi and make it look like Satoru had committed the crime.

There is an exchange of beliefs and ideologies between them. Yashiro brags about the fact that he cannot be arrested due to a lack of evidence from fifteen years ago.

He threatens to throw Satoru from the roof and make it look like suicide but is not deceived and tells him that he can’t live without him.

Satoru throws himself off the roof but is caught by Yashiro. Yashiro confirms that Satoru is the reason he feels alive.

Yashiro lets go of the wheelchair and the chair falls on the ground with a large thud.

He was about to jump off the roof when he finds out that Satoru is caught by his friends and is safe and unharmed.

They have got the evidence and Yashiro is sent behind the bars. A few years later, Satoru becomes a successful manga artist and enjoys his life with his friends.

One day, he meets Airi under the same bridge from where he disappeared during his last revival.


The entire series was a delight to watch. Its art and style, the message of friendship and family and trusting one another, the issue of abuse touched my heart.

Satoru, most probably, remembered his past after meeting Kayo and her baby which could have acted as an emotional trigger for him.

Erased Episode 12

The concept of spider web attached to the victims and how Yashiro gets to cut it for his own excitement has been beautifully portrayed.

Also, one of the scenes in the final episode, where Yashiro sees his own string getting cut depicts the end to his killings.

The series has its moments of mystery but most importantly it has moments of love, trust, and faith among friends and family.