Erased: Episode 10 Review | 'Joy'

Erased episode 10 starts with Satoru remembering his original memories from 1988. After the dead bodies of his classmates were found, he blamed himself

Erased: Episode 10 Review | 'Joy'

The tenth episode of the series Erased aired on 11 March 2016. The title of the episode is Joy.

Erased Episode 10 Summary

Erased episode 10 starts with Satoru remembering his original memories from 1988. After the dead bodies of his classmates were found, he blamed himself.

He felt guilty for not being there for them. But this time, it seems different.

Satoru and his friends approach Aya but she did not want to talk with them until Kazo appears.

Aya did want to talk to him and also she starts joining them at their hideout.

The next day in school Hiromi expresses gratitude to Satoru for his initiative. Hiromi expresses his loneliness of being all alone in the house as both of his parents come home late from work.

Erased Episode 10

Kenny enquires whether they were done ‘playing detective’ to which Satoru replies not yet.

The same day Hiromi points out that Misato has been keeping to herself ever since the incident occurred.

After accusing Kayo of stealing the money, all the students accused Misato of framing Kayo. This led to Misato losing her friends and remaining aloof.

Misato goes to the ice hockey tournament where the classroom teacher and also a few students of his class are present.

Satoru notices that Misato is sitting alone by herself. When she gets up from her seat, just before the start of the match, Satoru decides to follow her.

She goes to the toilet and doesn’t come out for a long time. This worries Satoru and he tries to look inside when Yashiro Sensei catches him.

He explains that he is looking out for Misato.

When they both go out, Satoru after watching Yuuri’s father’s truck asks Yashiro to follow it so something bad doesn’t happen.

As Yashiro and Satoru both are in the car, they talk about their views.

Upon hearing Yashiro’s views, Satoru immediately notices that his views are extreme. Within a few moments, Yashiro reveals himself to be the killer.

After hearing this, Satoru struggled to get out of the car but was unable to do so. Yashiro goes on about how his plans were destroyed because of Satoru.

For Yashiro, it felt like Satoru anticipated his every moves as though he has seen the future.

Satoru blames himself for not trusting the list of potential murderers Sawada San had made as it also contained his mother’s name.

Yashiro takes him near a frozen lake and rolls the car with him stuck.

The episode ends as Satoru acres that he knows his future and the car drowns with Satoru trapped inside.


This episode was one of the weakest ones so far. Although from the past episodes, the viewers will be easily able to identify the killer.

But the narrative of how that will be revealed has betrayed the viewer’s expectations from the series.

As soon as Yashiro makes the reveal, his eyes turn red and he wears an evil smile.

“This is my true form” does not do justice to the wonderful storytelling this show had.

The episode ends with Satoru being trapped inside the drowning car. This is not much suspenseful as it is very predictable that Satoru will somehow survive.