Erased: Episode 1 Review | 'Flashing Before My Eyes'

Anime Mar 24, 2021

The first episode of the series Erased was released on 8 January 2016. The title of the episode is “Flashing Before My Eyes”. Let’s take a look at the overview of the episode.

Erased Episode 1 Summary

Erased episode 1 starts with the protagonist of the series, Satoru Fujinuma. He is a 29-year-old struggling manga artist. Someone who is afraid to delve into the depths of his mind for his manga illustration. He works as a pizza delivery boy to earn his livelihood. His co-worker is a high school student, Airi Katagiri. When he begins his work, a weird phenomenon takes place which does not surprise Satoru. He later calls this “ revival” in which a few moments repeats for him before something bad happening.

Erased episode 1


As the revival happens, he instantly looks for something wrong. Satoru notices that the driver of the blue truck is unconscious and the truck is going to collide with a boy. He follows the truck on his bike and steers it away at the last moment saving the boy’s life. But soon after that, collides with a car and wakes up in a hospital two days later. This incident instantly catches the attention of its viewers.


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After leaving the hospital, he finds out that his mother is going to stay with him for a few days. His mother came as she heard about the accident. Satoru’s mother reminds him of another incident that takes place in their hometown eighteen years ago. The incident was that Satoru trusted and befriended a man name Yuuri. He turned out to be a kidnapper who murdered two of Satoru’s classmates. The next day, revival occurs again but Satoru cannot understand anything wrong happening around. His mother noticed a man who might have tried kidnapping a little girl but left as soon as they saw each other.


After a lot of thinking his mother comes to the conclusion that Yuuri was innocent and the real killer was someone else. She was just about to tell her theory to Satoru but the man kills her in the apartment. Satoru’s Revival transports him back to 1988, when he was a 10-year-old elementary school student in Hokkaido, just as he finds his mother’s dead body and is accused of murdering her.


As soon as the Revival phenomenon comes on the screen, it instantly makes you curious. Also, the first episode hints that he is scared of confronting something in his heart. Overall the pace of the first episode was good. The air of mystery around the real killer would make any viewer watch the next episodes. Would the Revival work?

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