Emotional and Tearjerking Moments in Thirty Nine Kdrama

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3 women having dinner together

Thirty Nine is a 2022 JTBC/Netflix drama showing the story of 3 friends who are in their late thirties. Three friends Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin), Jeong Chan Young (Jeon Mi Do), and Jang Joo Hee (Kim Ji Hyun) met in their early twenties almost like a fated meeting.

They have been friends ever since sharing the highs and lows. Despite the trailers showing Thirty Nine as a slice of life drama, don’t judge the book by its cover because, the Kdrama has several emotional, tear-jerking and heartbreaking moments.

Even if you aren’t an emotional person, Thirty Nine Kdrama will make you cry buckets of tears because the acting and story is is so soothing yet emotional. Despite not being an emotional or crying baby, watching Thirty Nine Kdrama will require tissues to wipe your tears and cry in peace.

Caution warning potential spoilers and more crying. Here are some of the most emotional, tear-jerking, and heartbreaking moments in Thirty Nine that you cannot skip.

The beginning

Thirty Nine begins with a funeral scene. We didn’t see the female characters yet, but we get a glimpse of the future where someone will die.

Kim Seon U, Kim Jin Seok, and Park Hyeon Joo are seen crying in the funeral scene as the story flashbacks to the past.

The drama did portray a lot of foreshadowing, but no one could have guessed what we are in for. Perhaps this is a subtle reminder of what’s gonna happen in the future. Brace yourselves.

The result of the check-up

Cha Mi Jo, Jeong Chan Young, and Jang Joo Hee went for a check-up. Cha Mi Jo received a call from the doctor and the results were devastating and shocking.

The doctor told Cha Mi Jo that Jeong Chan Young had earlier taken a CT and sonogram. Unfortunately, the doctor confirmed Jeong Chan Young had stage 4 Pancreatic cancer and she has no hope left for recovery.

A heartbroken Cha Mi Jo ends up in tears and utterly distraught. Kim Seon U was worried to see her rush out like that and couldn’t trace her the entire day.

Cha Mi Jo’s angry lash out on Kim Jin Seok

A heartbroken and angry Cha Mi Jo rushed to end up at Kim Jin Seok’s office. She was so angry that she grabbed Kim Jin Seok and lashed out at him crying in tears and wanting to kill him.

Cha Mi Jo was upset that Kim Jin Seok was toying with her (Jeong Chan Young) feelings and now that she has a short time left to live, her anger escalated. She held him responsible for the misfortune.

The scene was really emotional and heartbreaking as Cha Mi Jo ends up in tears and blames everything on him and herself in a way. The next scene reveals the funeral is for Jeong Chan Young as her portrait is shown.

The next scene shows the funeral scene where Cha Mi Jo and Jang Joo Hee are tearing up as they miss their friend.

The scene shifts back as Cha Mi Jo blame herself and cries while a helpless Kim Seo U watches her in silence without understanding the situation, yet trying to comfort her.

The Trio plays Rock Paper Scissors

Thirty Nine episode three starts with a past event, a flashback where Cha Mi Jo, Jeong Chan Young and Jang Joo Hee watch a funeral-related video.

The trio suddenly ends up playing rock paper scissors without any context where Jeong Chan Young wins. What everyone thought was a pick for food ordering, but in reality, was Cha Mi Jo’s way of deciding who will hold the funeral rites.

Cha Mi Jo said Jeong Chan Young will outlive them both, so she should hold the funeral rites for Jang Joo Hee and Cha Mi Joo. The scene showed that Jeong Chan Young wasn’t planning to live long, but received longevity from Cha Mi Jo.

Cha Mi Jo loses her mind

Kim Seon U drops Cha Mi Joo at Jeong Chan Young’s studio. What she didn’t expect was Jeong Chan Young receiving unexpected guests in the form of Kim Jin Seok’s wife Kang Sun Joo.

Kang Sung Joo clearly crossed the line while trying to humiliate Jeong Chan Young trying to grill her for some answers. What made Cha Mi Jo lose her mind and intervene because Kang Sung Joo insulted and called Jeong Chan Young pathetic.

What really triggered Cha Mi Jo was the line “Life is short” and that she should live a decent life as a human being. The line hit her like anything but what really hit her, as Kang Sung Joo mentioned death.

Cha Mi Jo lost her temper after which she slapped Kang Sung Joo. The reason the insults and taunts were heartbreaking is that life really is short for Jeong Chan Young and it’s like she rubbed salt on her fresh wounds.

Cha Mi Jo visits Jeong Chan Young

Emotionally struggling and is unable to accept that her friend will die soon. Cha Mi Jo finds it difficult to express herself or confront Jeong Chan Young. She visits her studio where they get into a heated argument.

Cha Mi Jo was finding it difficult to express her feelings when suddenly Jeong Chan Young mentions death.  That was a sad and emotional scene.

Jeong Chan Young realizes that she messed up and that something is serious. Cha Mi Jo was in denial as she informed her of the misfortune.

Jeong Chan Young and Kim Jin Seok’s talk

Kim Jin Seok decided to separate from his wife and be together with Jeong Chan Young. As Jeong Chan Young was trying to hide from Ki Jin Seok, eventually meet when Kim Jin Seok visited her.

They start telling secrets to each other bet who’s the most unfortunate. To this, Jeong Chan Young said her secret is the worst and she would win because it’s sad and shocking.  

Jeong Chan Young was upset because Kim Jin Seok was too late to make this decision now that her days were numbered.

Jeong Chan Young discloses the truth and said she has pancreatic cancer. Hearing this from her, Kim Jin Seok immediately breaks down and started crying. The duo kept crying as they realized the cruel joke fate had played on them.

Cha Mi Jo begs Kang Sung Joo

Kim Jin Seok leaves home and later visits Jeong Chan Young’s home. To their surprise, her mom visits as well. If this wasn’t enough, both Cha Mi Jo and Jang Joo Hee drop by as well.

They were having a good time but guess who decides to become a party pooper. Kang Sung Joo visited Jeong Chan Young’s home to create a scene and force her husband to return back home.

Cha Mi Jo was desperate and didn’t want Kang Sun Joo to ruin her friend’s happiness. She was even willing to beg and get down on her knees to persuade and plead with her.

Crying and sad Cha Mi Jo repeatedly begs Kang Sung Joo to leave them alone and collapses.

It was so emotional and tear-jerking scene because a prideful and inflexible Cha Mi Jo was willing to beg just to save her friend and her mom’s happiness.  She didn’t care about her pride or status and thought only about her friend.

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