Elite: All Characters Ranked According To Their Likeability

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Elite, a popular Spanish teen drama, is about to release a new season on Netflix.

Each season of Elite leaves viewers guessing as the protagonists frequently become involved in murder and mystery.

The series has had numerous characters throughout its four seasons. We'll be rating characters according to each season.

While some characters merely loved to be hated by fans, others began outright unlikable and eventually became favorites.

Each Elite character has a different amount of screen time, significance, and likeability.

12. Christian

Christian admiring a women at a party

Christian is one of the scholarship kids who attended Las Encinas.

Christian is a handsome, strong-shouldered man who takes pride in his appearance.

He makes use of his well-toned body to his advantage in order to develop a sizable social media following.

Instead of studying, Christian is more interested in girls and having a good time, and girls having a good time at parties, drinking, and smoking.

He comes across as a man who is incredibly self-assured, at times even boastful.

Due to his behaviour and lack of interest in school, Christian appears to have a strained connection with his parents, which negatively affects him.

He admits to Polo that they would be content to not see him "sleep beneath a bridge" and that they demand "nothing" from him.

11. Marina

marina listening to his story

Marina is Guzman's adopted sister. Along with receiving an HIV diagnosis, Marina is living a terrible existence and struggles to abide by her parents' expectations.

When she tries to use evidence linking Carla's father and her own father to the collapse of San Esteban as a form of blackmail, Polo eventually kills her by mistake.

Marina was a disturbed young woman who was the misfit in her family, mysterious and disobedient.

Despite her tendency to be reticent, she was not hesitant to break or entirely ignore the regulations at both homes and at Las Encinas.

Despite having a generally kind disposition, she occasionally lacked warmth and, on one occasion, pressured her teacher into lying about seeing her doing drugs on campus.

10. Valerio

Valerio siding with Lu

Even though Valerio was never a major player on the show, he was nevertheless entertaining to watch.

One of the most stunning episodes of the show was when it was revealed that Valerio was having a secret relationship with his half-sister, Lu.

Valerio arrived in season two and brought with him all kinds of havoc.

Early on, Valerio came out as shallow and self-absorbed, but soon after, admirers began to recognise a more frail side of the character.

When Valerio was kicked out by his Father or rejected by Lu, for example, there were instances when fans felt awful for him.

One of the most intriguing dynamics in the third season was Valerio's three-way relationship with Polo and Caye; it would have been interesting to see more of it on TV.

9. Nano

Nano finding out about Marina having HIV

Nano is Samuel's older brother who gets out of prison shortly after Samuel gets a scholarship to Las Encinas.

Nano "friended" people while he was incarcerated and promised them €40,000 in exchange for his protection.

He is sympathetic and considerate to those who are close to him. But his compassionate nature has frequently gotten him into trouble.

Nano was detained after being charged with killing Marina.

Despite repeated assurances that this was not the case, everyone thought he had killed Marina.

When Polo was identified as the genuine murderer following his passing, he was ultimately exonerated of all charges.

8. Polo

Polo looking for evidence

Polo, arguably the most nuanced character on Elite, provides the solution to the first major puzzle in the program.

Polo was identified as Marina's killer in a storyline shock that fans enjoyed at the end of season one, but strangely, this was only the beginning for the character.

Polo gradually disintegrates and allows his remorse to overwhelm him.

It was simple to be conflicted about whether to love or detest Polo by the time of his passing because he had developed into one of the most interesting and nuanced characters on the program.

It was a stroke of genius by the writers to be able to make the audience feel sorry for the character after everything he had done.

7. Carla

Carla being interrogated after Polo's death

Due in part to her mother's wealthy family, the aristocratic House of Caleruega, of which she is the head, and in part to her father's status as a very wealthy businessman, Carla is the "Material Girl" at Las Encinas.

Carla makes use of both her knowledge and beauty. She is incredibly cunning and will utilize her physical attributes to obtain her goals.

She is viewed as a heartless, arrogant, and selfish character who will do anything to improve her chances.

Due to her unwavering love and dedication to Polo, Carla's excessive manipulation, anger, and most importantly, her incredibly callous response to Marina's death, also exhibit hints of sociopathy.

6. Lucrecia

Lu making plans to fight Christian

Lu is spoiled and unlikable at the start of the program.

However, Lu develops into a much more sensible and sympathetic character over the course of the series.

One of Lu's major turning points is when she can finally separate herself from Guzman and realize their relationship was never meant to be.

Unlike many of her contemporaries, Lu chooses to use her heartbreak to concentrate on herself rather than seeking solace in a new relationship.

Through this, Lu grows as a person and even forges a loving bond with Nadia, her longtime foe.

When Lu's friends decide to cover for her after Polo died, it becomes apparent how far she has come.

Before leaving to embark on a new life, she finally finds true friends.

5. Nadia

Nadia is frustrated with Lu

Nadia is clever, confident, and at ease with her status as an outsider at the school.

Nadia defends Omar throughout the entire program and gradually starts to rebel against her parents.

One of the most adored relationships on the program was the will-they-won't-they between Nadia and Guzman, so it was heartbreaking to see it come to an end.

The bond between Nadia and Lu is also one of the most complex and fascinating to observe.

Although the two girls are rivals on the surface, they clearly admire one another, and as a result, they decide to complete the series together.

4. Samuel

Samuel dealing with the bullying at Las Encinas

Samu, who may be considered the show's protagonist, is fair and gentle but frequently finds himself smitten with the wrong woman.

Samu has always been Omar's faithful buddy, but it doesn't take him long to get involved in the drama at Las Encinas.

Throughout the series, Samu enters into one tragic relationship after another, but by the time we get to his love triangle with Ari and Guzman, it's all gotten a little boring.

Samu is a likeable character, despite the fact that he hurts Rebe, but it would be interesting to see where his story goes next season.

It would be much more enjoyable to learn more about Samu's family than to continue to observe his asexual connection with Ari.

3. Omar

Omar having a hard time with his sexuality

Omar has undoubtedly advanced during his four seasons on the show, having first struggled with his sexuality before initiating a relationship with Ander in the open.

It is immediately apparent how much Omar cares for Ander and is willing to go against his strict family's religious views in order to make their relationship work.

Omar was one of the show's most endearing characters, but when he cheated on Ander with his own sister's lover while the latter was battling cancer, things started to go south.

In terms of likeability, Omar never fully recovered from this error; by the time season four arrived, the lovable and dependable Omar of the earlier seasons was a distant memory.

Omar spent a lot of season four lurking in the shadows and punishing Ander for their relationship's disintegration, so it was wonderful to see him finally appear at Las Encinas.

2. Ander

Ander crying after his breakup with Omar.

By the time it ended, seeing Ander and Omar's relationship had turned into a really tedious and unpleasant experience.

But in the early seasons, it was difficult to avoid routing for them.

Ander experienced numerous highs and lows while he was a contestant on the show, including being duped by Omar, getting caught in the crossfire between Guzman and Polo, and receiving a cancer diagnosis.

Of all, Ander did cheat on Omar with Polo earlier in the program, and it is he who first begins the couple's complex connection with Patrick.

Ander constantly manages to remain likable despite his numerous complex character defects, and he frequently demonstrates what a good buddy he is.

1. Guzman

Gurman with Omar talking about Nadia

Guzmán is one of the most fully realised characters on the program; when he first appears, he is conceited and harsh, but by the time he leaves, he has entirely changed.

Despite the many challenges that stand in the way of the potential relationship, Guzmán starts to soften when he falls for Nadia.

Guzmán's relationships with Ander and, eventually, Samu help the audience warm up to him as a character.

When Guzmán's sister is killed and he is left unsure of whom to believe, it is virtually impossible to feel anything but sympathy for him.

Even after learning the truth about the crime, Guzmán is still crushed by Polo's passing.

It's disappointing that Guzmán and Nadia never really had their happy ending because fans wanted them to be together.

His character development is still among the most enjoyable on the program, though.

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