Edens Zero Season 1 Finale Review

Will Homura avenge Valkyrie's death? Will Shiki take Kurenai to meet Homura? What does Edens Zero Season 1 finale has in store for everyone?

Edens Zero Season 1 Finale Review

Edens Zero Season 1 started off with a bang. Shiki, Rebecca, Happy, Homura, Weisz, Pino, Witch, Sister and Hermit were on their way to find the last remaining shining star of Edens Zero. The group ended up at a distant planet for the search of Valkyrie, who’s Homura’s master.

Valkyrie’s Death

Valkyrie went to search Homura’s mother and ended up at Sun Jewel. She met Kurenai who was a slave on that planet, and Valkyrie freed her. But who would have thought, that Kurenai is the worst and the antagonist of this season? Kurenai betrayed valkyrie, and rose up to the top of the slave district and created her tyrannical rule.

Edens Zero Season 1 Finale Review

After learning about Valkyrie’s death, Homura had taken a massive blow. She momentary lost her sense of judgement and sat there stuck at the gravesite of Valkyrie.  Meanwhile, angry Shiki went into savage mode and is determined to get Kurenai to meet Homura. Shiki charges and destroys everyone at Kurenai’s HQ and fights with Kurenai with a head-on fight. On the other side, Weisz appears for backup and helps save everyone. Rebecca activates her ether gear and successfully defeats Nino.

Homura Avenges Valkyrie

Rebecca realises that all the battles they had were exactly the same when they had a face-off at Xiaomei’s. Xiaomei is a mysterious character who also serves as the narrator of the series. Homura is caught off guard by Garrot who’s come back for revenge. He insults valkyrie and tries to attack Homura, but only his demise is awaiting him. Homura gets angry and releases her maximum power through ether gear and attacks him. Using Valkyrie’s sword, it drives at Garrot ultimately killing him.

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The Bitter Reunion of Mother & Daughter

Edens Zero Season 1 Finale Review

Elsewhere, Kurenai is not exactly having an easy time either. Shiki is strong and used gravity to crush Kurenai. Shiki drags Kurenai and they have a much-awaited reunion with Homura. In a surprising turn of events, Homura thanks her mother for bringing her to this world and coldly cuts all her ties with her. She lets her leave and warns her never to come near her again. Valkyrie was wrong in a sense because all Homura needed was someone to love her. She didn’t need an absent mom who abandoned her and doesn’t care even a bit.

Kurenai’s Punishment

If one thing’s Edens Zero is consistent with that’s undoubtedly the karmic retribution awaiting Kurenai. All the people Kurenai tormented are back for revenge. Well, she had it coming. It teaches us a lesson that people should treat others nicely. After Kurenai was overthrown, a new government came and the labour district was free. People helped to construct it and tourism was boosted.

Edens Zero Season 1 Finale Review

The crew assembled again at Edens Zero and had a discussion. Sister was not happy as the Shiki and others did not retrieve Valkyrie’s body. Valkyrie became a symbol of hope and evolution for others. With Homura’s consent, Shiki and others did not bring Valkyrie back.

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Everyone unanimously agreed to let Valkyrie be where her heart desired. Homura volunteered to be the next Valkyrie and when everyone has decided on a name for Homura, Hermit objected. Hermit said that Homura needs to be herself. She doesn’t have to be Valkyrie.

Meanwhile, Oracion Seis were tracking Edens Zero but lost them. Sister and Witch helped them fake the location of the ship and escape Drakken Joe. The ending of Edens Zero showed Mother awaiting Shiki and anticipating whether he will become a troublesome person or will have fun exploring with his friends. We do get a tense and sorrowful preview of Edens Zero new season and hope that Season 2 is out soon.

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