Edens Zero Anime To Be Available on Netflix From 26th August

Join Shiki, Rebecca and Happy in Edens Zero Season 1.

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Edens Zero is available on Netflix on 26th August

It's happy news and time for anime fans to rejoice as Mashima's Edens Zero will be available for fans internationally on 26th August 2021. After the huge success of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima created Edens Zero. Edens Zero revolves around Shiki, a mysterious boy who has lived his entire life with robots.

Edens Zero is based on the manga of the same name. Hiro Mashima created Edens Zero manga in 2018 and as of 2021, 16 volumes are available. According to Myanimelist, there will be 25 episodes of Edens Zero, and a total of 19 episodes have aired so far. It’s not clear how many episodes will be available on Netflix and if the remaining episodes will be uploaded simultaneously on the day of the broadcast.

There have been many fans upset with Edens zero and called it a copy of Fairy Tail due to the similarities in the characters. Happy is a recurring character from the Fairy Tail universe and a companion of Rebecca, who seems like a look-alike of Lucy from Fairy Tail. The character Elsie Crimson looks very similar to Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail.  Edens Zero seems similar to Fairy Tail in terms of concept, and they also have a guild system. The only difference is Edens Zero is a space adventure Shonen anime.

Edens Zero | Plot

Edens Zero is available on Netflix on 26th August

Edens Zero started by introducing Shiki Granbell in the kingdom of Granbell. Granbell is an abandoned kingdom that didn’t have any visitors in the last 100 years. Rebecca Bluegardon and her companion Happy arrive at Granbell to make fun videos for her channel.  Shiki and Rebecca get acquainted after a series of embarrassing events. Shiki is the only human in Granbell and he took care of the robots. In a twist, the robots became hostile after getting infected with a virus and turned against Rebecca and Shiki and attacked them. In order for Rebecca and Happy to safely escape from Granbell, Shiki fights against the robots and activates Ether Gear and succeeds by stalling everyone so that they can escape. Meanwhile, Shiki himself had no plans to leave Granbell. Seeing the situation turning worse, Rebecca drags Shiki into her ship and together with Happy they leave Granbell.

When is Edens Zero Coming out on Netflix?

Turns out that it was all a plan for Shiki to leave Granbell and after they left, the robots ceased functioning and broke down. Now Shiki, Rebecca and Happy sail out in the Sakura cosmos for their adventures and hope to meet the  “Mother” one day and make new friends. Watch Edens Zero only on Netflix starting August 26 2021.