10 Dumb Kdramas Worth Streaming!

Which Kdrama is on your list?

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Kdramas has so much to offer us including entertainment and reliving happy moments while dealing with stress. What Kdramas have given us throughout the years can barely be compared, but the different genres surely make it up for some of the weird picks.

Some Korean dramas are marvelous while some are extremely dumb yet very appealing. The dumb Kdramas are entertaining and extremely hilarious.

Looking for some dumb Kdramas to stream in 2022 while waiting for the weekly dramas? Look no further as the list is handpicked 100% certified to kick up some laughter and dumbness reassured!

10. My Little Baby

The 2016 MBC Kdrama My Little Baby might seem dumb at first look, but fret not! The Korean drama has the necessary elements to make you stuck to your screens while you binge this series.

The veteran actor's Lee Soo Kyung and Oh Ji Ho were definitely eye candy to watch as they charmed us with their acting.

To further add to the list of good star cast Kim Min Jae certainly stole some scenes to make the series memorable.

The plot follows the lives of a violent crime detective in charge of taking care of his niece Eun Ae after her parents passed away. The life struggles of Uncle  Cha Jung Han were noteworthy!

9. Oh My Baby

If it’s actress Jang Na Ra’s drama can you possibly miss it? Oh My Baby series seems like the dumbest Korean drama plot, but there’s more to that. Jang Na Ra was phenomenal as Jang Ha Ri. Jang Ha Ri is a workaholic who wanted a child and maybe get married.

Things escalated when three candidates appeared who can make her dream to become a mom come true.

The drama was genuinely nice because it portrayed the struggles of people who want children but society and restrictions due to legality surely make it difficult for single moms. Ko Jun had his first lead role as the actor previously charmed us in The Fiery Priest Kdrama.

8. Marriage Not dating

TvN surely makes entertaining dramas. The plot of Marriage Not Dating is straight-up dumb but the series is too hard to give up. Marriage Not Dating is an underrated gem that people need to discover.

The plot did have a typical cliche rich guy who doesn’t want to marry a troupe but the series gets even better. Yeon Woo Jin was charming as Kong Ki Tae.

Kong Ki Tae somehow ended up introducing his fake lover to his mom who happened to be his bestie’s ex. Talk about weird and incredulously dumb for a plot but quite unexpected cliffhangers. The series is so good and very unpredictable.

7. Manhole

The 2017 Kdrama Manhole starring Kim Jae Joong and IU can get as dumb as the plot goes. Despite being dumb, the idea was fresh and quite innovative.

The cast included Baro and Jung Hye Sung as well and the overall cast was quite well-defined. What made Manhole binge-worthy is the plot.

A lovestruck person in the friend zone trying to get over his one-sided crush while failing to crack civil servant exams. The story is not what it seems, and it had so many layers and secrets with the characters.

How to prevent your love from getting married in 3 days, is simple. Take the Manhole and time travel! Check out Manhole Kdrama and find out what happened.

6. Dali and Cocky Prince

This is a rom-com and one of my personal favorites. The characters of Dali and Cocky Prince have shown a new level of being dumb but cute. Kim Min Jae, Park Gyu Young, Kwon Yool, and Hwan Hee were entertaining to watch.

Besides the layers of deception, and cute awestruck love, the weird but ignorant Jin Moo Hak and Da Li were endearing to watch.

The story between an art lover who gets rags to riches and a not-so-typical chaebol to rescue gave a heart-throbbing memory as we flinch and scream in both second-hand embarrassment. Definitely worth the watch.

5. Was It Love?

Who needs reason when you get Four Hotties swooning over the female lead. The drama was good for a one-time rewatch value but had some very big plotholes. Added in an extra layer of top dumb Korean drama cliches, Was It Love will be perfect. This Netflix Kdrama is totally recommended.

The sweet but sour story of No Ae Jung and the four men approaching her. There’s a secret she’s hiding related to who her child’s father is. Watch No Ha Nee explore the journey to find her dad!

4. Strong Girl Bong Soon

The cute and stupid story of the superhuman girl Do Bong Soon with a gift and a curse. Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, and Ji Soo made the series quite appealing.

The series had a good wow factor where the female lead was chasing her design while fighting crime in secret. If you haven’t watched Strong Girl Bong Soon to get your dose of entertainment and slight romance and comedy.

3. Welcome to Waikiki Season 1

The hit comedy and a classic cult produced by JTBC Welcome to Waikiki Season 1. The story of the Waikiki guesthouse where 6 people are trying to figure out their dreams.

It’s like a dumb, dumber and dumbest version of the series with equal shots of hilariousness and a mix of romance. Check out the Welcome to Waikiki series on Netflix.

2. I’m Not a Robot

The unforgettable Aji 3 from the 2017 MBC series might begin with the world's dumbest plot, but the series has quite underrated. Before Uhm Ki Joon was Joo Dan Tae, he charmed Hong Baek Gyun, the developer.

Together with his ex-girlfriend, Jo Ji A played by Chae Soo Bin fooled the sheltered Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho). I’m Not a Robot is hard to miss Kdrama.

1. Backstreet Rookie

The best is yet to come for Jung Saet Byul who had a life-changing experience after she met Choi Dae Hyun. The lovestruck and smitten Jung Saet Byul is in love with Choi Dae Hyun.

The part-timer who planned to swoon her boss because of one true love for the win! Watch Backstreet Rookie with Ji Chang Wook and Kim You Jung on another level!

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