Why Is Majin Vegeta So Great?

Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race and is one of the main characters of the all time Dragon Ball franchise.

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The name Vegeta reverberates throughout the Anime community as one of the best Anti-heroes of all time. Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race and is one of the main characters of the all-time Dragon Ball franchise.

He is known to be regal, egotistical, and full of pride by many and he used to be a ruthless, cold-blooded, and bloodthirsty killer.

He undergoes major development once he chooses to live on Earth, going from villain to anti-hero and finally a hero. His commitment to protect his new home and surpass Goku has never wavered.

Majin Vegeta is his peak, so here are our points for what makes his time as Majin Vegeta so great!

1. Vegeta at his best

The most compelling aspect of Vegeta's entire character arc in the Dragon Ball Z series is the moment when he attempts to return to his old, violent self as Majin Vegeta.

This iconic arc unveils itself as a redemption arc, where fans can see Vegeta evolve from a rash and arrogant warrior showing not even a shred of remorse for his actions, into an ever-loving and responsible father and husband.

This is the absolute peak of Vegeta’s characterization, where he tries to return to his past violent self and ultimately fails.

2. Highlights Vegeta’s immeasurable development

Majin Vegeta is without a doubt the most interesting part of Vegeta’s development. It highlights the great changes he underwent as the story progressed and allows the audience to revisit the Villain Vegeta once more.

It puts him in the middle of two of the best fights in Dragon Ball Z history, all leading up to an ever emotional moment of self-sacrifice.

This scene highlights just how far Vegeta has come on his self-journey, from simply wishing for immortality to becoming a selfless hero.

3. He pursues his goals from his Villian days

Vegeta was originally a sociopathic villain, hellbent on immortality and fulfilling the legacy of the Saiyan race. His dedication to his goals allows him to achieve these in the Cell Saga.

He becomes a Super Saiyan but continues to insist that he is pure evil. Despite all this, he grows into a better person over time. After settling him, he faces a midlife crisis of wanting to gain immeasurable power and destroy planets again.

Enter Majin Vegeta, allowing Vegeta to achieve the goals he pursued at the very start of the series. He gets to battle Goku again, achieve great power and even fulfill the legacy of the Saiyan race.

He goes about doing this in spectacular fashion no less, fighting Goku in a battle that goes down in anime history as one of the very best.

4. His sacrifice

Majin Vegeta showcased his destructive power via the massacre of people at the World Tournament and the battle with Goku. Yet he chooses to cast it all away in the battle against Buu.

This fight pushes Vegeta to his limits and yet Buu proves unstoppable. He then makes the ultimate selfless choice to destroy himself in a grandiose but failed, attempt to save the world, his beloved family, and even his rival Goku from Buu. In the end, he is redeemed and goes off in a spectacular and heroic fashion.

5. He did not waver

Just before he selflessly blows himself up in the Final Explosion technique, he makes the most of his last moments by giving Trunks a loving hug.

He then knocks out both Trunks and Goten so that Piccolo can carry them to safety. Here he shows his vulnerability while speaking to Piccolo regarding his future in the afterlife.

Even after Piccolo tells him he'll go to Hell and not be able to keep his body post-death, Vegeta did not waver.

He continues to unflinchingly press forward and sacrifice himself regardless. To the fans’ relief, he ends up being able to keep his body and then even rejoins the fight against Buu later.

The key point is that he did not know any of this when he made his sacrifice, showcasing just how much of a hero he had become.

All these aspects about Majin Vegeta highlight just how far Vegeta has come. At these iconic moments, Vegeta becomes so much more than a mere reformed villain, he becomes a true hero that transcends many others. Even Porunga, who revived all the good people Buu killed, deemed Vegeta worthy of resurrection, despite all his destructive actions as Majin Vegeta.

What makes Majin Vegeta himself so incredible is that he captures Vegeta's entire redemption in a neat little package that everyone can appreciate.

Without a doubt, this was Vegeta at his best.