Dr. Stone: The Fine Line Between Facts and Fiction

Dr. Stone is a popular anime known for its educational premise among the fans. The series includes fascinating scientific facts that are already parts of our daily lives.

Dr. Stone The Fine Line Between Fact and Fiction

Dr. Stone is a popular Sci-Fi anime based on the manga of the same name by Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi. The series is well-received by fans for its uniqueness and interesting scientific facts featured in it. Since the main protagonist is a scientist, he keeps making gadgets and tools from scratch in the stone era.

It is not often we see an anime that earns a name for itself for its educational premise. However, the scientific accuracy of the series has always been questioned. It is rare for series to portray science with complete accuracy. So, here we will discuss the fine line between fact and fiction in Dr. Stone.

The Plot of Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone The Fine Line Between Fact and Fiction

The series starts with common high school students in the modern era. Taiju Ooki prepares himself to confess his feelings to Yuzuriha Ogawa. Both of them are best friends with Senkuu Ishigami, so Taiju meets up with the former in his science lab before meeting Yuzuriha. However, just as he was about to confess, Taiju sees a bright green light in the sky.

Within a matter of seconds, all mankind on earth became petrified. Millenia passed and the world as we knew ceased to exist. Now, it is the stone age with no civilization and only forests and wild animals around. After 3700 years, Senku became the first person to break out of the petrification.

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He deduced that the nitric acid that kept dropping on him was the key ingredient to break the petrification. He placed his friend Taiju on the same place he was lying. Six months later, Taiju also broke free from his stone shell. The duo kept experimenting with ways to revive more people and soon prepared the liquid to revive Yuzuriha.

However, after being attacked by a lion, they had no choice but to revive Tsukasa who is strong enough to fight that animal. Tsukasa joined the duo and soon they revived Yuzuriha. As they were getting on with their plans to revive mankind and rebuild civilization, Tsukasa revealed his plans to revive only young people and leave the adults to die.

Dr. Stone The Fine Line Between Fact and Fiction

Being against the idea, Senkuu declared that he will use the power of science to rebuild the world as it was 3700 years ago. After almost getting by Tsukasa, he parted ways with Taiju and Yuzuriha after asking them to stay with Tsukasa as spies. Meanwhile, Senkuu found a village of people who were born in the stone age. He decides to win their trust and make them allies against his battle with Tsukasa.

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Is Dr. Stone Scientifically Correct?

Dr. Stone The Fine Line Between Fact and Fiction

With each episode of the series, we get to learn about useful scientific facts. Almost all of the facts and experiments are actually correct. This makes the series all the more fascinating to watch. However, most of the scientific facts are accurate in principle only and does not always apply in real world applications. Dr. Stone is impeccable in educating the viewers about the inventions that are already parts of our daily lives.

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Has There Been Times When the Series didn't Portray Accurate Information?

Dr. Stone The Fine Line Between Fact and Fiction

Although it is rare, it does happen when the series have to bend the facts for the plot's progression. For example, the fact that Senkuu was able to find scheelite in Japan is nearly impossible. It takes special conditions to form scheelite so it is very rare and is not native to Japan.

Another example was the creation of transistors, which is too complex for the resources available in the stone age. Despite Senkuu's knowledge, it is difficult to grasp that the materials required to make transistors were that easily available. In a way, there is a fine line in Dr. Stone between fact and fiction. The series is typically a balance of realistic and unrealistic aspects.