Dr. Stone Season 2 Review: Science, War and Death?

At the end of season 1, Senku had just invented phones and his Kingdom of Science was ready to take on Tsukasa’s empire.

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Dr. Stone Season 2 has come to an end in March'21. In its short 11-episode run, Season 2 introduced us to some new characters. The seed of conflict sown between Tsukasa and Senku finally came to fruition towards the end of the season after a thrilling science vs brute force showdown.

At the end of season 1, Senku had just invented phones and his Kingdom of Science was ready to take on Tsukasa’s empire.

Meanwhile, Tsukasa has managed to revive many people of various physical and other capabilities in service of his empire. Season 2 begins in continuation of these events.

*  Spoilers for Dr. Stone Season 2 *

Dr. Stone Season 2 | Stone Wars | Plot Synopsis

War Preparations

To summarise the events of season 2, Senku, Gen and Chrome decide to fool the Tsukasa Empire soldiers by using Gen’s Lillian Weinberg impersonation. They hope to gain some allies in the Empire to gain an advantage over Tsukasa.

The following day, Chrome, Gen, and Magma embark on a journey to Tsukasa’s Empire to get the phone to Yuzuriha and Taiju, Senku’s friends and spies in the Empire.

Nikki Yuzuriha and Taiju

The three succeed in getting the phone to Yuzuriha and Taiju however, they are spotted by Ukyo. Ukyo is an archer in Tsukasa’s Empire with exceptional hearing. Chrome manages to distract Ukyo enough to let Magma and Gen escape. However, he ends up getting captured in the process.

Meanwhile, Yuzuriha and Taiju are able to establish contact with Senku. However, they are being tailed by Nikki, a guard. The duo convinces Nikki to talk on the phone. On the other end, Gen impersonates Lillian Weinberg.

However, to his dismay, Nikki turns out to be a diehard Lillian fan and immediately spots the impersonation. Even so, she is moved by Lillian’s singing, played by Senku’s preserved glass CD. Nikki ends up joining the Kingdom of Science.

Meanwhile, Chrome gets interrogated by Tsukasa about his objectives. Ukyo lies about where he found Chrome.

The Rescue

Back in the village, Senku finishes making a Steam engine. The Kingdom of Science embarks on a mission to rescue Chrome. They set up camp near a cliff. Suika goes on a reconnaissance mission.

Chrome spots Suika and gives up his location. All the while, the Kingdom of Science keeps recruiting people from the Tsukasa Empire, thanks to Gen’s impersonation skills.

Gen and Senku in s2

Senku also manages to win the trust of Ukyo. The latter reveals he saw Yuzuriha piecing together the statues broken by Tsukasa. This turns out to be the secret mission Senku gave to Yuzuriha.

Senku modifies the Steam Locomotive into a Tank, armoring it with Paper!

Meanwhile, vary to Senku’s plans, Tsukasa sets up anti-vehicle plans. He also revives Yo, a young police officer. Chrome manages to fool Yo and other guards and escapes the cell he is put in.

The Bloodless War

The stone wars begin

With all pieces in place, the Kingdom of Science marches towards the Miracle cave. They manage to gain an upper hand at first using clever scientific tactics. However, Tsukasa and Hyoga soon arrive on the scene and overpower everyone, hampering Senku’s plans.

Even so, Senku manages to pull off some last-minute experiments aided by Gen and Chrome. He creates Nitro-glycerine and eventually dynamite. This brings the war to a stalemate, as Tsukasa’s men surrender.

Senku offers to revive Tsukasa’s comatose sister. He makes an educated guess that the depetrification might heal her completely.

The Aftermath

Hyogya stabs Tsukasa

The depetrification succeeds and Tsukasa is able to reunite with his sister. He comes to a truce with Senku. However, they are betrayed by Hyoga. He tries killing Mirai, Tsukasa’s sister but Tsukasa gets in the way.

This ends up injuring his lungs gravely. Senku tries to intervene but Hyoga attacks him as well. The two end up falling down a waterfall. Hyoga jumps as well to follow them.

They get washed up on a riverbank. Senku tries keeping Tsukasa alive while fending off Hyoga. Hyoga attempts to get Senku to join him. He reveals his ambitions to be something close to the survival of the elite while the rest perish.

The three engage in a fight. Hyoga initially overpowers them but Senku manages to subdue him with his invented Stun-gun.

Senku and Tsukasa

In the aftermath of the war, Tsukasa’s Empire has now joined the Kingdom of Science. They start making progress towards rebuilding civilization.

Senku intends to petrify a gravely injured Tsukasa to save his life. He creates a refrigerator and stores a frozen Tsukasa in it. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Science constructs a ship and they embark on a new journey to find the secret of petrification.

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“the white fog”

Concluding Thoughts

The decision to limit this season to 11 episodes turned out to be beneficial to the storytelling of Dr. Stone for the Stone Wars arc. The pacing feels livelier and tighter.

Tsukasa’s sort of redemption arc is simple yet touching. The new characters introduced throughout the season fit right in within the fictional stone world.

And Senku and friends are extremely fun to watch as always. It was especially exciting to watch Chrome make his prison break without Senku in the picture.

Chrome’s prison break

However, the science aspects of the show tend to venture into wishy-washy sci-fi territory at times. Especially towards the end where Senku cryo-preserves Tsukasa’s nearly dead body!

This is but a nit-pick however, as Dr. Stone isn’t quite about the achievements of science itself. Yes, science is exciting but as Senku puts it, it is 10 billion percent of the human motivations that make it truly exhilarating.

Dr. Stone is all about what humanity can achieve through collective effort and the power of science.

While Dr. Stone's season 2 might have come to a somewhat bitter-sweet end, the journey of Senku and his companions have just begun.