Top 5 DPS Characters in Genshin impact | Ranked

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Are you confused about which DPS character should choose as a main? Do not worry, we have everything covered in this article and ranked the top 5 damage dealers in Genshin Impact based on damage output, F2P resources, and investment.

5. Kamisato Ayaka

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Kamisato Ayaka is another great cryo applicator and main DPS character, in charge of the internal and external affairs of the Kamisato clan and is the younger sister of Kamisato Ayato.

Beautiful, dignified, and noble, she has earned the title of Shirazagi Himegemi and is a model of perfection in Inazuma.

Another sword user that gets better with investment. She mostly excels on freeze teams but can also be used with reverse melt team comps.

Prioritizing her burst will be the main source of her kit, besides normal and charge attacks.

4pc blizzard strayer is the best on set piece as it gives an additional 40% crit rate when opponents are frozen, hence you can focus on crit damage while building her.

For her weapons, the mistplitter reforged will be her best on slot and Amenoma Kaguechi will be her best f2p option as it resolves her energy recharge problem.


  • High Base Crit Damage
  • Uses a special sprint that's useful for both exploration and combat.
  • High Elemental Burst Damage
  • Easy Cryo Application with all her Talents.
  • Easy to build with 4pc Blizzard Strayer


  • High Energy Cost for her Elemental Burst
  • Use of Charged Attacks and Sprint will need proper stamina management.
  • Elemental Burst pushes away enemies

4. Alhaitham

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The best dendro main DPS, also the member of the Haravatat of the Sumeru Akademiya and the Akademiya’s scribe.

Despite his brilliance , people within the Akademiya are perplexed by Alhaitham due to his unwillingness to aspire for higher officials.

He is one of those characters that gets better with investment.

He needs a lot of elemental mastery for his passive that increases his damage scaling off it.

For his artifacts, Deepwood or Gilded Dreams are recommended depending on your team composition.

Equipping Alhaitham with gilded dreams and any support with Deepwood will give the most amount of damage.

To lessen the burden from Artifacts, you should select a weapon that will increase the crit ratio of Alhaitham or a weapon that increases Elemental Mastery.

The light of foliar incision, Xiphos moonlight and Sapwood blade are the best for him.


  • Can deal high single and multi-target DMG.
  • Is able to provide consistent Dendro DMG allowing him to be in various team.
  • Scales well from Elemental Mastery making him simple to build.
  • Can deal strong hits from Chisel Mirror effects.


  • Pretty expensive to build since all Talents needs to be leveled up.
  • Pretty high level play-style and requires management of Mirrors.
  • Low Resistance and its combos are easily disturbed.
  • Can only operate on-field.

3. Hu Tao

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The best pyro main DPS character is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and talents as a poet.

Nevertheless, she holds funerals with the highest dignity and solemnity. An excellent f2p character that scales on hp.

Her artifacts are easy to get, and the 4pc crimson witches of flames are her best on-set.

Hu Tao is a polearm user mostly relying on her charge attacks through elemental skill for massive reverse vaporization and melt damage.

Her burst has a very high scaling when she has below 50% hp. Her best on slot weapon is Staff of Homa (her signature weapon is also one of the best weapons) and dragons bane, a great f2p option.


  • Very high elemental skill and burst damage
  • High base crit damage
  • High base defense and hp
  • High multipliers that go even higher if she has below 50% HP


  • Lacks AoE attacks outside of Elemental Burst
  • Lacks ranged attacks to deal with floating enemies
  • Elemental Skill drains HP to boost damage
  • Shield may be preferred to maximize her full potential

2. Ganyu

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The half-qilin Adeptus is under the contract of the Geo Archon Morax and serves as the general secretary of the Liyue Qixing.

She is a cryo main DPS using the bow as her primary weapon. This great F2P character can be utilized in various reverse melt and freeze teams.

She mostly excels on her charged shots and Elemental Skills. Her artifacts are also relatively easy to get , wanderer's troupe which is obtained from defeating world bosses.

Her best weapon are mostly 5* , that can be obtained from wishing. The hunters path and aqua simulacra being the best in slot.


  • A powerful cryo damage dealer at C0
  • Can deal Very powerful raw cryo damage
  • High base crit damage
  • Her charge attack increases damage of subsequent charge attacks
  • Multiple AoE skills
  • High base attack


  • Charge attacks take time to shoot without her C6
  • She gets interrupted while using charge attacks , a shielder is very much needed.
  • She has the least amount of HP and defense which makes her vulnerable

1. Raiden Shogun

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Also known as the electro archon, the sole ruler of the nation Inazuma is one of the most mysterious characters.

She is also considered potentially the best polearm DPS in the game. Her burst basically one taps any opponent, non resistant to electro element.

She can be used in a variety of teams to fulfill different roles.

Besides that she is one of the most free-to-play characters, i.e. easy to build as she mostly requires energy recharge (a sub-stat that is moderately easy to get on artifacts and weapons).

There are a variety of weapons for her, Engulfing Lightning being the best in slot. The catch is the best F2P option for her as it can be obtained via fishing.

The emblem of severed fate artifact set was made specially for Raiden shogun, the 4pc set bonus as her best on slot.


  • One of the best electro applicator
  • Free to play friendly
  • Regenerates energy for the team
  • Has high energy recharge rate
  • Increases the team’s burst damage


  • Can’t cook any food
  • Her burst expires if you swap out of her
  • Sometimes interrupts elemental reaction