Does Naruto Die In Boruto Manga?

Does Naruto dies in Boruto Manga?why sasuke is weak in boruto?

Does Naruto Die In Boruto Manga?

Well, Naruto anime is officially finished. Although, it would have been better if the author of the Naruto series Masashi would have shown Naruto's life as a hokage and him living his life with his family. But, to no luck it is not possible now.

The next chapter of the Naruto series which is known as Boruto based on Naruto's son is written by an other author while under the guidance of Masashi. The new author have introduced new characters in the Boruto universe which are basically the children of Naruto series characters.

The thing is that we have got so attach to the Naruto universe that watching Boruto the next generation seems quite difficult as it is quite hard to digest the newly introduced characters and Naruto not being the main character anymore.

Does Naruto Die In Boruto Manga?
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So, the author of the Boruto series are basically relying on the success and fame of the Naruto series which Boruto seems not to attain. The boruto series honestly speaking is a let down.

There are two things to consider. Firstly as the new Boruto starts off it  puts the readers in confusion as how author have created this. Not clearly telling in the first chapter of the manga that our main character is dead or even alive give us only a vague hint of so. It certainly makes the readers more curious but alongside it also created the whole confusion.

Secondly, the story of the manga is very poorly written. The story progress further on the basis of what is popular at the current moment and what readers want. The editor and the author of the storyline will kill Naruto in the series is very uncertain. As, they may or may not kill Naruto based on the hype around the character.

They could kill naruto only when the storyline is good and people began to accept the new generation characters and author starts to exploit these characters only then there is a chance of killing Naruto. This will make the death of Naruto less painful for the readers as they will be more attached towards the new characters and by the time they will accept Naruto's death.

On the other hand if people never liked the new characters then the story will have to continue with the older characters as this is the only way to make this story run.

Aside from the plot point of view another big factor that comes into play is money. If your certain character is bringing good amount of amount for for the producers then there is very less chance of killing that particular character which is also the case with Naruto.

Another good example that we can take from is Dragon Ball Z Goku. The author of the DBZ first wants to terminate Goku after the Buu saga. It was Toriyama's way to slide Golu away and put his son Gohan into his place as it will also take the storyline forward. After Gohan Awakens his new powers the storyline will obviously move forward with him. That was the thinking of Toriyama.

But, he decided not to go with this idea Toriyama left Gohan in the academy with Chi Chi just not because of monetary part but because he loves the character Goku very much that he can't let him go.

This decision of his was applauded a lot as Goku is a huge figure in anime history. Also, Goku rakes in a lot of profit too. Well thinking from this point of view Naruto is also a big figure in anime world so maybe the author will not terminate Naruto. Also it will be good for every Naruto fan.

Why is Sasuke shown weak in Boruto?

Well, simply answering this question, most of the missions that are present in Boruto are mostly very easy for Sasuke. So, they had to balance the power of Sasuke by making him weak. It would also have taken a lot of time for Boruto the main character to achieve the same level of power so that's why the author decided to downgrade Sasuke's powers.

Well talking about the power level the author also reduced the cognitive abilities of the characters like Sasuke and Shikamaru. It could have been a perfect scenario if the village remained in perfect ease but they downgraded theire cognitive abilities a lot down.

They both become weak in the boruto manga. While travelling from one dimension to other dimension they made Sasuke slower as well as Shikamaru who is one of the most intellectual person also become weak in term of strategies and overall moments.

The other thing that author messed up with Boruto manga is that tgey gave god like abilities to the newer generation. Boruto is shown at a very young age to handle S rank missions which makes no sense. This feels to apparent if they are downgrading the characters at least do it in a more convincing manner.

Coming back to Sasuke he is one of our favourite characters and most loved character too by every viewer. So, downgrading his abilities seems like a bit unfair for a character like Sasuke.

But, if we see it from the logical side of view than downgrading Sasuke seems right as he is the teacher of Boruto as well as he stays away from the village quite often on various missions so, if he is super strong than all of the things can be solved generally by Sasuke himself without the intervention of anyone.

The decision of not growing his arm back also plays a big role in it as without his arm he cant use signs for various jutsus this he did only to repent so, it is also a factor which is involved in Sasuke's power downgrading. These are all the factors regarding Sasuke.