Does Bakugo die in My Hero Academia?

Does Bakugo dies in My Hero Academia? And why this anime is so popular?

Does Bakugo die in My Hero Academia?

Spoilers alert ahead!!

There is a possibility about Bakugo being dead in My Hero Academia as in recent chapters a big fight is going on. Mainly in chapter 285 Bakugo just saved Deku from getting killed as he was going to get stabbed. Well, Bakugo is our one of the favorite characters in the My Hero Academia series.

But the wound that he got while saving Deku seems to be fatal. It have been speculated from the title Katsuki Bakugo Awakening that this chapter 285 will be related to his death and the possibility of his death is also so-so.

Does Bakugo dies in My Hero Academia?

Well, if he died we will miss the character that wants number 1 hero spot and is competing with Deku in doing so. From the very beginning, everyone fears his destructive power and now if he dies it will come as a shock to each and every My Hero Academia fan. We were slowly getting to see the good side of Bakugo as he deals with his flaws and started to using his brain instead of relying on his destructive power alone.

Spoiler Ahead chapter 289!!

Well, currently it have been noted that Bokugo is not going to die just like that. In the latest chapter i.e 289 and there are many reasons for that proves that Bokugo isn't dead. Firstly, the injury that he received during his fight is fatal but not enough to kill Bakugo so he will recover and survive. Secondly, if the creators of The My Hero Academia tried to kill Bakugo than people will start to hate My Hero Academia as he is one of those character which people look forward too. So, this is also the reason that Bakugo is not going to die. Thirdly, even if he dies than the whole hero class will be sad and will not be able to concentrate on their fights; Deku will be depressed and blame himself for not being able to save Bakugo and will think he is the reason that he got killed. And apart from that, story will be no fun if there is no Bakugo around as he also lightens the mood in the series.

The main reason behind this is the character development. Even if the characters have super powers still they are very down to earth as they know their limitations. They wants to be a good person and save people from any kind of threat which makes it a lovable series.

Why is My Hero Academia so popular?

Midoriya is the main character of the My Hero Academia series and is the most likeable character of this series. People relate Midoriya to themselves as he is the one who overcame all the hurdles that came in his way. He was modest enough to remain down to earth even after achieving many things during his adventure. There are some readers and viewers too who cried when Midoriya got hurt, we can imagine how loyal the fans are for Midoriya and MHA series.

Other than Midoriya, Todoroki is also liked by fans, as he is the one who was born with a very powerful quirk. It was more powerful than his own father's quirk and also more powerful than some of the heroes out there. He is full of dreams too. We often pity and sympathize him due to his past which is quite dark as his father used to beat him during training. At first we get to see that he was a bad guy but after his backstory many people began to sympathize with him.

Studio Bones has done an amazing job in keeping the Ost and animation on point. The studio have put a great amount of effort on the fight sequence between different characters. OST made many moments memorable in this anime. The reviews of each episode is a witness to what an amazing job is done by the studio.

Amazing Moments of MHA

All Might tells Midoriya with high hopes that he can become a hero too if he has the dedication for that. But the background music adds a perfect effect which enhances that scene.

Midoria Vs Todoroki is one of the most memorable moments in My Hero Academia series as the fight sequence is top notch as well as the background score just add charm to this.

It can be said that it is one of the best fighting sequence in all of the My Hero Academia series. After that Midoriya utilizing Full Crowling is also an amazing moment to witness.

All might vs All for one is also considered to be one of the best fight sequences in the entire series as it is his last fight. Overall, these are some of the small things which makes My Hero Academia popular.

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