Doctor Lawyer Kdrma | What happened to Han Yi Han?

What will happen to Park Ki Tae? Why did Han Yi Han become a lawyer?

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The Korean dramas are setting the bar way too high in 2022. The first quarter of 2022 had some amazing dramas, while Doctor Lawyer will replace Tomorrow. Another reason for excitement besides the storyline is the return of So Ji Sub and Shin Sung Rock in 2022.

It’s the second Kdrama in 2022 starring Lim Soo Hyang who’s acting in Woori The Virgin. The roles are quite different as Lim Soo Hyang portrays a prosecutor after a traumatic and unforeseen incident causing her to lose her family.

The biggest question that Doctor Lawyer poses to viewers is whether Han Yi Han, played by So Ji Sub can escape the conspiracy of the top guns ready to run his life. What happened to Han Yi Han? The Kdrama title gave it away as the central premise focuses on Doctor-turned- Lawyer taking on the evil corporation.

It’s surprising to see the main antagonist from Again My Life, veteran actor Lee Kyoung Young in the character of Goo Jin Ki, responsible for the chaos in both Han Yi Han and Geum Sook Young's life.

The Shocking case

a doctor lying unconscious on the floor

Doctor Lawyer Kdrama began with a shocking case of a seven-year-old child Hojun losing his life due to medical malpractice. The person in question Doctor Park Ki Tae was facing trial for the accusation.

The public prosecutor Geum Sook Young (Lim Soo Hyang) believed the doctor was guilty and wanted severe punishment for the accused.  The situation couldn't get any worse when the corporate team Banseok Foundation & Hospital decided to throw Park Ki Tae under the bus. Pleading innocent till the end, Park Ki Tae suddenly collapsed in the court leaving everyone surprised and shocked.

What will happen to Park Ki Tae?

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The only person who can save Park Ki Tae from this mess and the unfair accusation is none other than Han Yi Han. The charismatic entrance of a well-prepared Doctor Lawyer Han Yi Han saves the day and provides emergency treatment to save Park Ki Tae.

This was just the beginning of the deal. Previously, Han Yi Han visited Park Ki Tae to change his lawyer as he was convinced that he can clear off his name. Han Yi Han orchestrated the entire fiasco to stall and provide time to do the initial groundwork. Well, the plan worked for sure, but will Park Ki Tae live to tell the tale is an entirely different story.

The beginning of the Flashback

Episodes 1 and 2 of Doctor Lawyer served the flashback showing 5 years ago when Han Yi Han was a doctor at Banseok Hospital.  Yi Han was treating Geum Seok Young’s brother who was a medical aspirant suffering from heart issues. The couple Yi Han and Seok Young have been dating and were hoping that a heart transplant would fix things for Geum Seok Joo.

As planned, Yi Han performed surgery and things were fine for the time being. Things took a sudden turn when Yi Han was asked to perform an illegal heart transplant surgery and went AWOL. The schemings and shenanigans cost Yi Han his patient, lover, mom and professional.

doctors in the lab

In an elaborate trap, Yi Han was trapped after causing medical malpractice. It involved a bribery scandal because the ML was so dense, and Seok Joo died. RIP, seriously, his heart was definitely taken away to be given to someone illegal and influential person.

At this point, it’s speculated that his heart was given to Jayden Lee, played by Shin Sung Rok. Well, he doesn’t appear until episode 3, the present timeline. Moving on, Yi Han was sent to prison where the devil Mr Goo Jin Ki offered Yi Han to shoulder the blame and admit to medical malpractice.  

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Guess who testified falsely against him to seal the deal. It was none other than Park Ki Tae. Well, Karma comes in a full circle, he thought he could avoid it, but nope.  

Well, in the end, Han Yi Han admitted guilty in court and was released. He lost his medical license and his mom passed away while he was in the detention centre. Han Hi Yan broke up with  Geum Seok Young who was shocked beyond the point to see the real truth. As a prosecutor, she seemed very gullible.

Back to the Present

5 years have passed since then, and as Park Ki Tae's trial underwent, the sudden emergence of Han Yi Han can only mean trouble for everyone. Han Yi Han successfully proved innocence for Park Ki Tae but he was yet to be released.

The deal was his innocence gets provided and he would testify against the schemers admitting perjury.

Things never go as you planned and the same backfired for Han Yi Han when surprise! Park Ki Tae ended up dead as the handiwork of none other than Goo Jin Ki.

Jayden Lee makes a surprising entrance trying to save a heart condition patient, literally in the sky leaving a strong impression. His role in the plot is yet to be seen as what Jayden Lee can bring to the table.

The game is on for Han Yi Han as he closes to the truth only to be pushed apart. Doctor Lawyer may have a cliche storyline but the drama is worth checking out.  Happy beginning and happy streaming.

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