My Little Monster: Do Shizuku and Haru End Up Together?

“Love is not a peaceful feeling but a roller coaster of mixed emotions.”

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My Little Monster is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Robico. This manga series is basically about the beautiful romance or relationship between a girl Shizuku Mizutani and a boy named Haru Yoshida.

They didn't have any interest in all these things, they were more focused on studying and their future. The boy here attends the school very rarely because he was not social at all.

What do you think will Shizuku change this guy for the better and with time what do you guys think, will they have feelings for each other? I do hope they end together but let’s see!

Do Shizuku and Haru End Up Together?

Shizuku and Haru kissing each other

They both first met when Shizuku was given some class readings by the teachers for homework. The very same day we saw in the manga series that Haru was suspended from the school for a fight.

The main reason why he wasn't regular at the school was that he was afraid of social interactions and wasn't comfortable talking to people. But we can see in the series that his way of talking and everything changed when he became friends with Shizuku.

We saw in the further episodes of the series that Haru did confess his feelings for her as friends when Shizuku took his side and stood for him against Kenji and his friends.

Here we saw his feelings ultimately increasing for her as for the first time in a while he attended the school continuously for two days in a row. This was because he wanted to see Shizuku more often and wanted to spend time with her.

As per the interest, Haru was showing towards her, she started to feel emotions in a romantic way towards him which was for the first time for her.

It is also shown in the manga that she confessed her feelings which he rejected. He said that their concept of love is different and he isn't into all this as of now. She told him that she will wait for him to fall in love with her.

Huh, how more romantic can things get, like the heroine of the show saying that she will wait for him to fall in love with her is definitely a sign of true love!

There was a time when Haru scored very badly in his exams so Shizuku pushed him away from her so that he could concentrate on his studies and not waste time on her. But with time even Haru realized that he had feelings for her.

In one of the episodes of the series he remembered what his aunty Kyoko told him before dying- “Find people whose presence is enough to soothe the pain”, this is when he realizes that Shizuku is the one who used to soothe him.

In what episode did he confront his feelings for her?

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We saw in the manga series that in episode 31 of the manga series they were together like they both did confess their feelings for each other. But in an official manner, Haru confronted his feelings for her in episode 44 of the manga series. And after exactly three and half years later they got married and lived happily.

This is how this love story started friends, had their own journey, the consequences, the hard moments of their own, and ended up being together and marrying each other.

I think the quote is correct that...

“Love is not a peaceful feeling but a roller coaster of mixed emotions.”