Is Detective Conan Manga worth it?

Detective Conan Manga is a detective series which is written as well as drawn by the author Ayoama.

Detective Conan Manga: Best Manga Ever?

Detective Conan Manga is a detective series that is written as well as drawn by the author  Aoyama. The manga is illustrated and published in Weekly Sunday magazine since the year 1994, it is arranged into 98 volumes.

There were legal problems with the name of the manga so the English language released named it Case Closed by Viz Media Publication. Detective Conan Manga follows the story of a high school detective Kudo Also name is jimmy Kudo in the English version. Kudo is a child who solves various mysteries and cases with the help of his friends and sometimes alone. It is a very intriguing detective manga.


Detective Conan starts from Kudo whose Japanese name is Shimchi Kudo. Kudo is a high school detective who takes on various cases with the help of the police to solve those cases. There is a black organization that attacked Kudo during one of his investigations.

The poison they ingested into Kudo rather than killing him transforms him into a child. Later in the story, Kudo adopts the name of Conan Edogawa to keep his identity a secret, Kudo lives with his childhood friend ran moori and her father Richard- who in return is also a detective a private one.

In the whole manga he sticks with Richard when he can solve one case, Kudo uses a sleeping needle and put Richard to sleep and he copies his voice and tells the whole story.

When he enters a junior school, he makes friends with his classmates, and with them, he makes a junior detective club. During the story, he tries to found about the Black Organisation, during which he met several persons or characters including his professor friend Sonoko Suzuki, who is a fellow teenage detective Harley, as the story moves forward and Conan solves cases, he gets new cases through different officers.

Later on, Kudo meets an elementary school transfer student called Anita Hailey, and she reveals herself to be the creator of the poison which made him a child. And she tells Kudo that she too had ingested the poison and she is not affiliated with the Black Organization any longer and she joins them in their detective team. A fateful meeting occurs with the black organization and with the help of the CIA, Conan plants a spy in the organization.

Various things or aspects of life like love, and friendship can be learned through manga. And even if the story is about detectives, and mysterious stuff the story tells about other important aspects of life in a very clear manner. The storyteller presents the relationship between the characters and Conan very well and is beautifully put out.

Is Detective Conan Manga worth it?

And it is interesting to see how the story unfolds later on. The connection between the characters is quite surreal. As they are very easy to understand and quite intriguing too.

All the characters are quite similar to real life. Detective Conan manga is one of the best manga to be ever produced. It can be watched and read by all age groups. As well as children too can enjoy it.

Detective Conan manga volumes

The Detective Conan manga, written and drawn by Gosho Aoyama, debuted in the fifth issue of Weekly shōnen Sunday in 1994 and has since been serialized there.

Shogakukan also published the first tankoubon in June 1994; as of October 18, 2021, it had 100 published volumes and is still going strong. In Japan, manga is extremely popular, and the tankoubon has repeatedly topped bestseller lists.

Detective Conan manga vs anime

The anime includes all of the cases from the manga, as well as a few fillers that may or may not be as good as the original case. Furthermore, the manga is currently well ahead of the anime. Everything is the same except for the first arc. In the manga, Akemi Miyano dies young, however, her death is postponed in the anime. Aside from that, the animation faithfully follows the manga.

When it comes to romance, anime is preferred over manga since it is more paced. The animations are stunning, and the animators, like most mainstream anime, focus on nailing the major parts.  The majority of the episodes are based on manga, although there are also some TV originals. The black organization cases are the main plot, and Shinichi-Ran Romance is the same in both.