Top 5 Demons Ranked In Demon Slayer

Almost all Demons did share the type of power. But, in somehow or the other way Demon still outsmarted each other. So here is a list of TOP 5 Demons

Demons In Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Ranks for the Demons is quite easy to do. The Demons, however, are very closely marked.

They didn’t have unique powers. Almost all Demons did share the type of power.

But, in somehow or the other way Demon still outsmarted each other. So here is a list of TOP 5 Demons.

1. Muzan – The No. 1 in Demon Slayer Ranks

The father and maker of all demons are without a doubt the most powerful demon in the series.

He can telepathically interact with demons, regardless of distance. He also put a spell in all demons that they would perish as they exclaimed about him.

Every demon is afraid of him, mostly because he kills demons like flies – and for no apparent reason!

Demon Slayer: Why Does Muzan Want to Kill Tanjiro?
Muzan Kibutsuji is the primary antagonist of the series. He is the first demon to be created and has lived for over a thousand years. He seems to hold a grudge against those wearing the hanafuda earrings.

2. Rui

Seeing Rui at number two is no surprise. He is Muzan’s favorite Lower Rank 5 demon.

He gave him an enormous amount of blood, transforming him into a mighty devil.

Rui was in charge of killing or capturing 20 new demon slayer members.

Not just that, but his blood, like Muzan’s, had the power to summon demons. As a result of this, he had formed his own spider family.

3. Susamaru


Susamaru is certainly the only woman antagonist in the game.

This is not because she is a woman, but because she had shown unbelievable power, pace, and agility.

This is the reason for her existence in Demon Slayer Ranks. Her Temari balls are hard enough to cut off Nezuko’s legs.

But, Nezuko was unable to break her, although she managed to catch up easily.

Together, Susamaru and Yahaba offered three demons and a demon slayer a hard struggle.

4. The Hand Demon

The Hand Demon due to his fierceness stands in the Demon Slayer Ranks.

With his enormous height, stamina, and capacity for suffering, the hand demon was also a fearsome foe.

When Tanjiro battled him, he openly boasted of killing many demon slayer trainees, including 13 of Sakonji Urokodaki’s classmates.

This is one of the highest reported death counts in the anime, which is why this demon ranks so high in the series, despite his only being a minor antagonist otherwise.

5. Nezuko

Fans wish that Nezuko should be in the initials of the Demon Slayer Ranks.

Most followers may have wanted Nezuko to be higher up, but the fact is that season one does not discuss her powers at all.

Well, she can kick Sasumaru’s Temari balls, but it takes her some time to get used to it.

Actually, she can use blood demon art, but fans are unsure of its scope or limitations.

5 Interesting Facts About Nezuko Kamado
Her oldest brother, Tanjiro Kamado, also survived, who vowed to avenge the death of their family and to rescue Nezuko back to normal

Indeed, she did assist Tanjiro in defeating Rui, a Lower Moon 5 demon.

However, her blood demon art created pink flames that took Rui off guard, causing him to trip and Tanjiro to sever his head.

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