Kimetsu No Yaiba: Entertainment District Arc Plot Explained

After the major success of Mugen Train Arc during the summers, Kimetsu No Yaiba is once again back with another one of its arc.

the feature image consist of main characters of demon slayer

This time the focus shifts to the Entertainment District Arc. Filled with more gore, blood and emotions than ever before. Read on to know more about what to expect from the upcoming season of the show.

A Quick Recap

We last witnessed our beloved Flame Hashira Rengoku-san goes toe-to-toe against the lower moon one in the Mugen Arc Train.

If you missed out on the flamboyant ride, Ufotable studio is streaming the movie in episode format before the start of the next season. Do check it out. Rest assured, it is worth it.

rengoku's entrance at the railway station

With the trio of Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke all aboard the Mugen train in search for Rengoku to assist him. Of course, Nezuko is the stowaway.

As our heroes fight against monsters, dreams and fellow passengers, we are drawn deeper into a world of illusions, quite literally.

With depressing scenes after scenes, especially those of Tanjiro getting to be back together with his family, while on realisation he has to cut himself again and again.

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Zenitsu and Rengoku take up the task of protecting the train. In the meanwhile Inosuke and Tanjiro go up against the lower moon 1.

With the demon fusing itself with the train, the party is in boatloads of trouble, slipping in and out of dreams. The last-ditch efforts of Inosuke and Tanjiro going berserk puts them through.

"This is when Akaza, the 3rd upper moon, comes to the party. He asks Rengoku to join him as an equal and become a demon."

Rengoku denies this. What follows is a pure experience of cinematic bliss. Rengoku does turn his flamboyant to the max and puts on a display, Ufotable, the studio, would be proud of.

What Next?

With the death of Rengoku, the Hashiras have lost the Flame Pillar. On the other hand, Kibitsuji also has grown tense.

All his years of planning is going to waste, with his lower moons completely demolished. Both of the Hashiras and Kibitsuji now begin to gather up arms.

Swordsmith Village Arc

After the fight against the top-tiered lower moon, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke go on for recovery to the swordsmith village.

It is a quite laidback arc, full of humor. The interaction between various characters is a treat to watch.

The awkwardness and the weird quirks of various people are on full display this time around. Genya is one of the characters I adore. Protect Genya at all costs.

P.S.  And his secret too!!

Muichiro Tokito, the mist pillar also makes quite a cameo. Most of the time this round goes to training. My MVP this time though is Nezuko.

The demons get crafty too. One of the more enjoyable arcs. Less of the feels and more of the drama this time around.

Entertainment District Arc

In the next installment, we have the Entertainment District Arc. The main focus this time is the Sound Hashira - Uzui Tengen. Tengen is someone who has a torrid past. A ninja, the very last one at that, has sent some very people dear to him undercover.  

These people who were working as spies for him have now gone missing. Fearing their safety, Tengen follows them to uncover the mysteries the place holds.

Entertainment District Area is famous for geishas. Our trio goes to accompany Tengen to the Red District Area, and guess what - they are undercover, as geishas. And prettier ones, you would not see anywhere else.

The show will follow for the first time our protagonists going against one of the upper moons. The show is set up mostly during the nights, so expect plenty of colors to hit your eyes. Full of side controversies, showdowns, and sinister secrets. The show takes us on quite a ride.

The stakes are high. The cleverness of Uzui!!! The manga keeps on delivering favorites upon favorites for me. Also the backstory of the demons this time around is one of the most touching ones.

If you enjoyed Mugen Train Arc, there is no way, you are not going to enjoy this next one. The action sequences are going to be top-notch. Be on the lookout for the special sister-brother duel.

Thanks for reading!