Demon Blood Art - Max Flamboyance Ft. Tengen Uzui

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With every appearance of a dynamic character, Kimetsu No Yaiba had progressed to the point where the story keeps unfolding into better and more flamboyant characters.

One such character whose name, personality, and talent scream “Max Flamboyance” is Tengen Uzui. The viewers haven’t been given a second to breathe since they got acquainted with his flamboyant personality and his choice to kill Tanjiro with “Max Flamboyance”.

Appearance in sync with personality

The white hairdo, two shiny golden sheathed swords with just as shimmering chains, lighter blue stone chains hanging from his headdress that covers his white uneven hair that is tied back, multi-colored nail polish, multiple rings.

He wears two thick golden rings that are seen on his upper arms. His head is wrapped in a white wrapper.

His extravagant appearance aids his flamboyant personality with exaggerated artistic expressions helping his appearance.

His words, demeanor, accompanies with his characteristic features as well as appearance makes him one of the most interesting characters ever created by the Demon Slayer creators.

His outrageously eccentric characteristic is an absolute treat to watch as he manages to talk to others and dismiss those who are not outgoing and as flamboyant as he likes others to be.

His personality is morphed in the way that viewers get that his preference to be flashy and eccentric adds to his arts and skills as the flamboyant hashira.

His exuberance and demanding presence make him the rude and condescending one among the other hashiras in the Hashira Training Arc, which also upholds an interesting side of his character.

His dominating presence and obsessive flamboyance ad eccentric flashiness make others seem very dull in front of his exploding presence and aura.

He demands everyone look up to him and claims that he is the God of flashiness as if the sun takes inspiration from him to shine brighter.

Flashier than the sun, existing with max flamboyance, definitely an interesting character whose mere presence flashes with flamboyance.

Introducing himself to the golden trio of the Demon Slayer Corps

Just before the onset of the Entertainment Arc, he crashes into the Butterfly Mansion (of course, with max flamboyance) to pick up some slayers.

Tanjiro was returning from his mission when he hears the girls crying as the Hashira was forcefully leaving with Aoi, who was a nurse at the Butterfly Mansion.

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While they tried to stop him in vain, Tanjiro interrupts and helps Aoi rescue him and agrees to go instead.

While introducing himself to them, he blatantly mentions that he is the God and they are his pawns who have to be anything he asks them to be as the requirement comes.

He blatantly demands them to humor and carries out his favors as he asks them, carrying his flamboyance and power as the Sound Hashira.

His dominating presence forces obedience even out of Inosuke who later, after the Entertainment Arc becomes his Tsuguko.

Flamboyance is the facade of his personality

In the middle of the events that happen in the Entertainment Arc, after Daki ravages the village and Tanjiro faces her with Zenitsu and Inosuke fighting her robe that trapped people, Tengen’s real personality comes to light when he finds his first wife, Hinatsuru.

He is shown to truly care for his three wives despite raving about flamboyance and flashiness with his exuberant personality.

In the dire times, he is shown to draw out his humane side when he tells Tanjiro and Inosuke to return, claiming that he had made a terrible mistake to involve them in this mission since he understood the seriousness ad the danger that the upper moon demons lurking there possessed.

This is a very deep revelation of a character and his development as he comes to terms with his insecurities and shortcomings and how he hides them and manifests flashiness to make his presence heard like the Sound Hashira that he is.

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His weakness was the people he held close to his heart and he regretted that he ushed them into dangerous situations where they were trapped in Daki’s robes and Hinatsuru was injured.

He held her closer to him as he said he was proud of her that she completed the mission that he entrusted her with.

There are more occurrences of his rarely humble side. While he duels with Gyutaro, he asks him if he thinks he is someone who is born with any talents.

Tegen himself believes that he is not talented, his appearance and personality speak volumes but he is insecure about his lack of abilities.

He looks up to Rengoku as there is a flashback of him connecting to Rengoku, claiming that he can never be like him.

He asks Rengoku what he should do when Rengoku replies to him to look after the three boys who he left behind, making a snide remark about three wives being too many.

These tear-jerker emotional moments of the characters bring them a lot closer to the viewers.

He returns to the battlefield with more care for the fellow slayers who he cared for and wanted to look after because of their intense potential and never-say-die resilience with which they were fighting the Upper moon six.

Tengen is from the shinobi lineage who believed in completing missions with success but Uzui denied thinking in this line of idealogy and rather preferred his subordinates and his wives to value and respect and save their lives first rather than prioritize a mission over their lives.

He had an immense passion and care for human lives that’s why he devoted himself to being a Hashira who does not only care for the success of his missions but treasuring the lives of his fellow humans as well.

Uzui is a very responsible hashira who thinks of protecting his fellow Demon Slayers and prioritizing their lives over the mission.

The polygamous three-way chemistry

The most interesting part of Uzui’s flamboyant interactions is his relationship with his three wives.

His unwavering care and love for each of them according to their personality traits is sweet and humorous at the same time.

Suma and Makio are the problem twins who bully each other but love each other as sisters.

Their friendship almost resembles Inosuke’s and Zenitsu’s friendship. Suma’s emotional over-expressions and immaturity are hilarious as comic relief that it provides to the serious plot of killing the demons.

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Makio ridicules her all the time yet maintains a relationship of trustworthiness and love.

Hinatsuru is the most mature, understanding, and grown-up wife of Uzui who loves them like her little sisters and mountains a balance in their relationship with Uzui. Her understanding and love make Uzui fall in love with her over and over again.

Despite their formidable skills in dueling and fighting, Suma’s cacophonic cries and Makio bullying her for being weak is an absolute hilarious circumstance in which Uzui finds himself often.

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In the flashback when Uzui plucked a cherry blossom from Hinatsuru’s hair, and she asked to keep it as he touched it, the other dynamic duo got jealous and wanted his attention as well, which made them seem adorable and childish.

Uzui has three three-way wives whose dynamic traits and differences in personalities might aid in his obsession for flamboyance as he has to show himself off as the Lord of flashiness with a sonorous presence.

The main lesson that Uzui exudes is his manifestation that makes his presence bigger than his insecurities. His sound presence and flamboyant demeanor make him a fan favorite.