Who dies in Tokyo Revengers?

Can our Crybaby Hero save them all?

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Tokyo Revengers has been gaining a lot of popularity this year, especially since the latest season titled Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown aired recently.

The anime has lived up to the expectations of the fans up until now and is being highly praised as well.

The plot of Tokyo Revengers has been riddled with murders and deaths, and the twists have kept viewers glued to the show.

Most Influential Deaths in Tokyo Revengers

With the story progressing further, a lot of blood has been shed and we have also lost some of the most loved characters.

This article contains spoilers as we are discussing the most influential deaths that have occurred in the series.

Hinata Tachibana

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The female protagonist of the show and Takemichi’s girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana has died several times in the series.

It is because of Hinata’s death that Takemichi travels back to the past in order to save the love of his life and change her fate.

Throughout the anime, changing the course of Hinata’s death has been the source of motivation, courage, and resolve for Takemichi.

Naoto Tachibana

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Naoto Tachibana is Hinata’s younger brother and is one of the most important allies of Takemichi in the future.

Naoto’s death was the first death that was revealed in the series along with Hinata’s, however, his fate was changed shortly after Takemichi first leaped to the past.

Since then, he has been aware of Takemichi’s ability to travel through time and has dedicated himself to helping our protagonist to create an ideal future.

Draken (Ken Ryuguji)

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Draken is one of the most important characters and has been a major influencer of the events throughout the anime.

Being Mikey’s best friend and the vice leader of Tokyo Manji, Draken died quite early in the series.

This led to Mikey turning evil, Tetta Kisaki gaining control and power, Toman becoming a rotten gang, and in turn, leading to Hinata’s death.

Preventing Draken’s death was one of the first major goals that Takemichi achieved in order to make an ideal future for Tokyo Manji and Hinata.

Akkun (Atsushi Sendo)

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Akkun used to be the leader of the gang Mizo Mid Five, with Takemichi being its vice leader.

However, in the original timeline, the gang was dissolved after Takemichi left it and Akkun became Kisaki’s pawn as an executive of Toman.

As of now, he has died in all the timelines, with him being the one directly involved in Hinata’s death most of the time.

Takemichi has tried several times to save his close friend, Akkun along with Hinata but hasn’t been successful yet, making his resolve stronger with every time leap.

Shinichiro Sano

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Mikey’s older brother Shinichiro Sano was revealed to be dead in the series during a flashback.

His death was a result of an unfortunate accident that was caused by none other than Mikey’s best friends Kazutora and Baji.

Shinichiro’s death is one of the most influential deaths in the series as it darkened Mikey’s heart to an extent and made him lose reason as he kept losing more people.

Since Shinichiro died way before Takemichi could leap in time, he had no means to save him and decided to save the rest of the people close to Mikey in order to stop him from turning evil.

Kazutora Hanemiya

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Kazutora is a founding member of Toman and used to be one of Mikey’s closest friends.

However, things changed when he and Baji went to steal a bike as a birthday present to Mikey and accidentally killed Shinichiro by hitting him with a wrench in the head.

This led him to be mentally broken and he started blaming Mikey for his actions.

He was originally killed by Mikey after he killed Baji during a battle between Valhalla and Toman.

However, in the current timeline, Takemichi stopped Mikey from killing Kazutora and thus prevented him from going insane.

Baji Keisuke

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Baji Keisuke is a fan favorite and was taken away from us when we least expected it.

He was a founding member of Toman as well as the captain of the First Division.

During Bloody Halloween, he stabbed himself when he was on the verge of death as he did not want Kazutora to be blamed for it.

In his final moments, Baji entrusted the future of Toman to Takemichi.

It is worth noting that while Baji’s death was a sad one, it opened up better pathways for Takemichi to change the future since he became the First Division Captain and even gained Chifuyu Matsuno as his most trusted partner.

Tokyo Revengers is about to get even more bloody!

With the show's second season "Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown" coming to a successful end, fans are looking forward to its next season.

Fortunately for the thrill-thirsty audience, the teaser trailer for its third season titled Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku-hen has been released.