Death Note: What happened to Misa Amane after Light died?

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Misa Amane was a rising model, actress, and Kira supporter who goes on to become the Second Kira.

She seeks out Kira after obtaining a Death Note to thank Light for murdering the man who murdered her family and to offer him her assistance.

Misa discovers Kira's true identity after completing the exchange for the Shinigami Eyes.

She chooses to devote her life to aiding Light in any way she can after meeting him, and she becomes determined to utilize her sight to discover L's true identity.

What happens to Misa in Death Note Manga?

To start off, Misa Amane basically loses all of her previous memories about Death Note and using Death Note but she retains her memories of her time with Light and her love with Light.

Well, it can be said that it is in the nature of anyone holding Death Note to suffer misfortune in his or her life and the same happens with Amane.

After the Death of his beloved Light, Misa Amane fell into deep despair.

It was due to Matsuda, as he was the one who let this information get to Amane and which left her in such a state.

It happened when she regained her memory about Light and Rem there being Rem told Misa Amane that if in any manner she got killed then she will kill Light on her own and make him pay for his deeds.

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Amane told Rem that she is not in the favor of being loved by a Shinigami but the fact is that she cannot live without Light as she deeply loves him and would even die for him.

Well, Light wouldn't even try to kill Misa in any way as he knew that she is madly in love with him.

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In the end, we don't know what happened with Amane as it is not mentioned in the Manga as well, as in the end the person who is shown wearing a black robe is actually a follower of Kira.

So, no one knows what happens with Misa Amane till now.

There are also some speculations related to Misa Amane as some readers have a point that she is basically dead after she jumped off a building where she is last seen with a grim look on her face as she is soulless and she doesn't seem to have any motive to live any longer than this.

So, maybe she could have just jumped off that building to put an end to her misery.

Did Light ever love back Misa Amane?

Well, Light is the main protagonist of our series and he is the most intelligent or genius boy in the series apart from L.

But he did very unethical things to bring a change in this world as he thought that he is the only one who can put an end to all the bad deeds that are happening in the world and then he will become the God of the new world. But he was just crazy thinking about this whole stuff.

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His ways of doing things were always unethical and he even killed innocent people in the process.

He kept Misa Amane beside him just to gain profit from her as she was the other Death Note user.

He was always exceptional in conducting things.

When she and Light met for the first time he knew that Amane loved her and he uses this as his plus point and kept her with him only because she was useful.

This can also be clearly seen in manga and anime.

It is sad to see that Light only sees Amane as a commodity and nothing else more and on the other hand, Amane wholeheartedly loved Light.

Amane had Shinigami eyes which picked up Light's interest and soon they were together.

It is not a lie that I say that Light and Amane looked good together.

Almost everyone who reads or watches the Death Note series feel the same.

Well, she always tried to help Light and always put him above anything else.

It was a case when Light was near to finding out about L's identity and Amane was solving that but when she was not doing good she seems desperate and wanted to be of help to Light.

This only shows that Amane loved Light but it was not the other way round.

What happens to Misa in the last episode of Death Note?

Misa Amane is seen standing on the edge of a building in the final episode of Death Note. She was devastated by Light Yagami's death; after all, she was one of his most loyal.

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She went through continuous torture and suffered for light. Although there is no conclusive evidence supporting the suicide on the roof, there is little justification for someone to be standing on the edge of a roof, on the other side of the safety barrier.

Because light died on April 28, 2010, and Misa died on February 14, 2011, the anime scenario may be set in the future.

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