Dali and Cocky Prince: Who Killed Kim Da Li’s Dad?

Who Killed Kim Da Li’s Dad? Why did Kim Si Hyung betray the family? Who was the real mastermind behind Si Hyng? What does Jin Ki Cheol know?

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The 16 episode KBS Kdrama Dali and Cocky Prince is one of the must-watch 2021 dramas that deserve attention. Dali and Cocky Prince had many heartwarming, funny and tension elevating moments that might leave you stunned.

One of the mysteries of the series was the sudden death of Kim Da Li’s father at the beginning of the series. Kim Nak Cheon, Da Li’s father suddenly passed away leaving behind Da Li huge debt and the responsibility of Cheong Seong Art Gallery. Da Li treasures the Gallery like her home, so much that she sold her home.

One thing which was clear from the beginning was that when Da Li’s father passes away, someone came to meet him. On top of that, Dondon F&B’s Jin Ki Cheol, Jin Mo Hak’s stepbrother went to visit Kim Nak Cheon (Da Li’s dad). It’s evident that Jin Ki Cheol is the sole witness of the case and knows what really happened and how Da Li’s father passed away. Was Da Li’s dad murdered or was it a natural death?

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Jin Mo Hak may seem like a dumb person, but he actually knows what’s going on with the shady construction business Jin Ki Cheol and his dad got roped into. Mo Hak is careful and is suspicious of Assemblyman An Sang Tae and SaeJin group’s Jang Tae Jin.  What looked like love and compassion in the beginning, could it be a face pulled of by Jang Tae Jin?

Kim Si Hyung (Da Li’s cousin) went as far as to frame his uncle Kim Nak Cheon for trading drugs. This was an elaborate set-up, but was Kim Si Hyung the real mastermind? After Da Li reported the development situation, Assemblyman An Sang Tae was cornered and left by Jang Tae Jin. Joo Won Tak was investigating the matter when they arrested Kim Si Hyung who was confessing his guilt to his father.

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Is Jin Ki Cheol brave or idiot only time can tell. Jang Tae Jin was driving with jealousy because Da Li chose Jin Mo Hak over him. Jang Tae Jin set out to destroy Dondon F&B which backfired when Jin Ki Cheol became determined to set things right or did he?

Jin Ki Cheol blackmailed Jang Tae Jin with a video he recorded on the day when he visited Kim Nak Cheon. The video’s content was way too shocking and heartbreaking for Da Li. Jin Mo Hak had his suspicion but disclosed the discovery to Da Li and Won Tak.

The Truth Behind Da Li’s Dad’ Death

Kim Nak Cheon found that Kim Si Hyung was dealing drugs and didn’t want to bury the wrongdoings of his nephew. Kim Si Hyung was not ready to pay for his crime and on top of that, he was smuggling the artworks by selling them abroad.

Guess who the real mastermind behind the elusive plot was. It was none other than Jang Tae Jin threatening Da Li’s da to hand over the gallery for the redevelopment project. Greed really has no bound. When Da Li visited Si Hyng in prison, he disclosed the truth.

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Jang Tae Jin was determined to get the evidence from Jin Ki Cheol and eradicate him as well. They meet to make an exchange with the pretense, but in reality, wanted to kill Ki Cheol. Good luck to Ki Cheol, Jin Mo Hak and Won Tak were both at the scene.

It was Jin Mo Hak who got stabbed instead of his stupid brother. Ki Cheol is not as stupid we hoped for and this guy deserves credit for keeping a copy of the video. The video shows Jang Tae Jin’s real nasty side. His provocations and suddenly disclosing the truth and crimes of Si Hyung gave Kim Nak Cheon a heart attack.

He could have been saved but neither Jang Tae Jin nor Si Hyung called an ambulance which caused him to die. Technically they didn’t kill Da Li’s dad indirectly, but they didn’t do anything to save him either. Jang Tae Jin was a monster hiding in sheep’s clothing pretending to care about Da Li when it was his actions and greed that made Da Li’s father die.