5 Daily Pass Webtoon series Recommendations for May 2023!

Which series will you unlock first to binge read?

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The popular Webtoon app has several series that are available for readers including ongoing, completed or daily pass series. Daily pass series are different from regular series which require readers to unlock a daily pass ticket to read a single chapter. Some daily pass series are completed while some are ongoing, hence get regular updates.

It's quite interesting to binge-read certain webtoon series but there can be a hassle to unlock chapters. With a little loophole to binge-read 14 chapters if one chapter is unlocked that can be available to read for the next 14 days.

Here are some of the Daily Pass Webtoon series Recommendations that users can check out. These webtoon series are perfect for reading at once or unlocking them using daily pass tickets or coins. Have fun exploring ~

5. No Outtakes

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Meet Jaerin, an easy-going, idol-loving college student who is an avid fan and die-hard supporter of the fictional character Hwi. Let’s rephrase this a bit, Jaerin who loves Hwi, the fictional character from Hwaya to death gets magically transported into the fictional world.

The only catch is she does not care about the actor Ahn, who plays Hwi and has a not-so-good relationship. With awkward acting and knowing how Hwaya’s script will end, Jaerin with her beloved “Hwi” aka Ahn must survive the story to return back home.

The biggest catch, No Outtakes at all, and Jaein must become the perfect Hwaya of the story. Go Sunyoung created No Outtakes Webtoon which has 79 chapters.

4. A Good Day To Be A Dog

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From the creator of See You in My 19th Life, Lee Hey's previous work, A Good Day To Be A Dog is a must-read. If you like supernatural and romance stories, this webtoon is recommended for reading.

Hana is a high school teacher who's not so lucky in love due to a curse in the family for generations thanks to the wrongdoing of her ancestors. A curse that can turn her into a dog if she kisses someone. The only way to break out of the curse is to kiss them a second time.

Seems complicated yet fun no? Hana's fate gets downhill when the person she accidentally kisses (Mr Jin) is someone who has an ill-fated relationship with her and worst of all has a fear of dogs. How will Hana fare? Will she find true love and break the miserable curse? There are 92 chapters in total so do check the series out!

3. Monster Duke's Daughter

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Things became complicated for the three-year-old human Lotilucia when her mother disappears. Lotilucia meets her father, the Monster Duke for the very first time, but the reunion is not quite what she has hoped for. In the Frodium empire, Lotilucia’s father, Duke Damian Frodium is quite powerful, so much so that even the king doesn’t offend him, but what about Lotilucia?

Discovering a magical story in her father’s library that showed how Lotilucia will die in the future, the little girl decided to live a life without fear and regrets. Who would have thought that the father-daughter duo would have misgivings that were unwarranted?  

Now that Lotilucia is aware she would die soon, she decided to become cheeky and live as she pleases. Monster Duke's Daughter is written by Han Ocean and Art by Chal Lan. The series has over 80 chapters and is currently ongoing!

2. Little Lady Mint

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Mint has lived her life at the orphanage where she was treated pretty badly and abused every day. With no family and nowhere to go, Mint’s life changed when the Grand Duke of Elkedonia, Yulius decided to adopt Mint as the lady. Mint had remarkable growth where she encounters several changes and only wishes to be of help to the Duke.

Duke Yulius is a war hero who does not have a good relationship with the magic users who use forbidden arts in the Kingdom. Even the ruthless queen couldn’t dare go against Yulius when it comes to Mint.

Read Mint’s adventure and the tensions unfold when Queen’s son asked Mint to become her fake fiance on a condition. Well, everything comes with a price and whether the young couple can survive or not, their fates are left hanging!

Yoon Oh created the series, adapted by Gomok and art by Galpi. Season 1 has 62 chapters and is currently on a hiatus so do check it out to catch it before Little Lady Mint returns.

1. Our Paradise

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Greener’s Manhwa Our Paradise is an eyecatcher story with lots of emotions, heart-fluttering moments and angst involved for sure. Meet Yang Maehwa who had a hard time getting over his high school crush Myeong Jaewon.

After graduation, Maehwa intended to forget about his crush without even making a confession. Things weren’t how he planned as Maehwa was soon reunited with Jaewon when they entered college. Not only fate brought them to the same college, but they also ended up in the same department.

With entirely different social circles, Maehwa never imagined their paths would cross, only if that were true. It’s not a matter of who fell first in love and who loves more, as Maehwa intended to run away from his crush, Jaewon fell for Maehwa.

How will they deal with their feelings when Maehwa has no plans to date Jaewon? Is it even love for Jaewon who never had a serious or lasting relationship in the past? Our Paradise Season 1 has 44 episodes, and Season 2 is currently getting updated with 29 chapters available.

Thanks for reading!