Top 10 Cute Anime Girls With White Hair

White haired anime girls are one adorable feature we can see in the anime shows.

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Top 10 Cute Anime Girls With White Hair

Anime girl characters with white hair, as uncommon as they are, have the tendency to become instant fan favorites due to their distinctive hair color. Weebs and otakus frequently imagine them as excellent and religious characters since they represent peace, positivity, and goodness. Unlike their Hollywood counterparts, animes like to give their characters different and unique traits such as hair colors that aren't seen in real life, muscular bodies, and heavy or light (high and low) pitched voices to male and female characters, respectively.

10. Kiriko Shikishima (Denpa Kyoushi)

Kiriko is a very innocent and adorable girl and ambitious towards maids due to their cute outfits. She is very friendly towards others but she even gets angry whenever people push her limits. Kiriko is one of the best maids in Japan and is known as the legendary underground doll A.KA. the maid of maids. Also, she likes Kagami for saving her from an explosion.

9. Chaika Trabant (Hitsugi No Chaika)

Chaika Trabant is a 14 sorceress and a compassionate girl. She is also a well-mannered girl who strongly dislikes the use of violence. Her character is gullible and naive which often leads her to be oblivious to danger. She even gets ready to help anybody in need whether they are her friends or enemies.

8. Najenda (Akame Ga Kill)

Najenda is the head of the assassin group Night Raid in the dark-themed action genre anime Akame Ga Kill. She is a taciturn, sharp-minded, and level-headed woman who surprisingly leads the group keeping the firmness within the members. She has a badass sexy physique adored by all and is very skillful. Najenda also has a habit of telling “cold jokes” and making bad puns.

7. Froleytia Capistrano (Heavy Object)

Froleytia is the commander of the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion of the Legitimacy Kingdom. She is described as the most beautiful woman with her slender and tall body. Froleytia is strict and slightly sadistic from time to time. She is very considerate and cares for her subordinates. She is interested in Japanese culture and often has things from Japan and has her office theme covered with Japanese decorative things.

6. Nao Tomori (Charlotte)

Nao Tomori is one of the main female lead characters of the anime series Charlotte. She is part of the student council and is known as a hard-working, smart, capable, and self-righteous student. She is also a liar and narcissistic girl. Nao is bold, straightforward, and loves to eat and she dislikes people who fail to acknowledge her hard work. She looks adorable with her white-gray hair tied in two pony tiles on the side and her big blue eyes make her more beautiful.

5. Elizabeth Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)

Elizabeth Liones is the third adoptive daughter of the Kingdom of Lioness. Elizabeth is a very courteous, kind, and loving person who prefers a calm, diplomatic approach. She has a calm but immensely kind attitude toward others, assisting them as much as she can and even providing strangers. She is very fragile and can easily get hurt. Elizabeth is a lovely young woman with a slender yet curvy figure. Her skin is very pale, and she has long silver hair that reaches her waist, as well as enormous light blue eyes that can turn orange while growing a triskele.

4. Koneko Toujou (High School DxD)

Koneko Toujou is one of the female protagonists of the anime series High School DxD. She is a second-year high school student at Kuoh Academy. Koneko once had a somber, icy demeanor, rarely expressing any sentiments or emotions, even while she was speaking. She shows her care and attention towards her comrades whenever they are in any trouble or need help.

3. Meiko Honma (Anohana)

Meiko Honma is the female protagonist in the anime series Anohana. Menma is a sweet and joyful girl with a brash personality who puts others' needs ahead of her own, especially when it comes to Jinta "Jintan" Yadomi. She has a childlike demeanor. She has many friends but she gets lonely and upset easily especially when she visits her family and sees that they longer belong to her.

2. Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats!)

Kanade Tachibana is one of the students of the Afterlife school who is said to be the Student Council President. Kanade does not appear to be any less dumb than a standard human being in physical form, however, this is offset by her lack of visible emotion. Kanade is also known as an Angel and she ensures that all the students can cope with their personal problems and pass them on to the next life.

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1. Seitenshi (Black Bullet)

Seitenshi is the governor of the Tokyo Area. Seitenshi maintains a serious demeanor at all times and is quick to delegate work to the Civil Security Corporation. She seemed to have some faith in Civil Security. Seitenshi is a stunning young woman with light skin and a petite frame. She has fine, white brows and thick, superb white eyelashes that frame wide eyes with light irises