Curtain Call Kdrama | Will Fake Ri Moon Seong be Caught?

How will the fake Ri Moon Seong fare with the power struggle and unwelcome life at grandma’s home?

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The brand new Korean Drama Curtain Call has presented a unique storyline with arguably some of the best characters. The multi-starer Kdrama Curtain Call shows the story of an unrecognised, underachieved, talented theatre actor, Yoo Jae Heon.

Kang Ha Neul plays the role of Yoo Jae Heon, the actor hired to play the role of the estranged grandson of the Nakwon Hotel’s founder.  

Ha Ji Won plays the role of Park Se Yeon, an enthusiast of the Nakwon Hotel and has power struggles with her brother.

Park Se Yeon’s elder brother Park Se Joon, played by Ji Seung Hyun, wants to sell the hotel for his own reasons. How will the fake Ri Moon Seong fare with the power struggle and unwelcome life at grandma’s home? Will Fake Ri Moon Seong be caught?

Who is part of the Nakwon Hotel Group?

Fake Moon Seong, Se Joon, Se Yeon & Grandma

The Nakwon Hotel Group's founder Ja Geum Soon escaped North Korea and settled in the South. Her children died due to an accident leaving behind three grandchildren.

The eldest grandson is Park Se Joon, who manages the hotel chain. Park Se Joon has an amicable relationship with his two siblings, grandma and wife. Park Se Joon is married to Hyun Ji Woon (Hwang Woo Seul Hye).

The second grandchild is Park Se Gyu (Choi De Hyun). Parl Se Gyu is a very neutral character in Curtain Call Kdrama. He doesn’t like taking sides, gave up on management and has a good relationship with Park Se Joon and Park Se Yeon.

Se Gyu is usually careful and likes partying around, but he isn’t like a typical spoiled brat chaebol scum, as seen in Kdramas.

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The youngest granddaughter, Park Se Yeon has started working from the lower level in management to reach a substantial level in Nakwon Hotel.

Se Yeon is literally an angel but a passionate woman with her own thinking and morals. Se Yeon and Se Joon often clash because she wants to save the hotel despite her brother’s attempt to sell it off.

Yoon Jung Sook is a trusted aid and caretaker of the chairwoman. Jung Sung Cheol (Sung Dong Il) closely works with the Chairwoman and is a trusted associate assuming different roles.

Kim Seung Do is part of the hotel and a trusted worker on Se Joon’s side. Hong Ra Kyung and Song Hyo Jin are close to Se Yeon.

How did Yoo Jae Heon become Fake Ri Moong Seong?

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The chairwoman, Ja Geum Soon has a terminal illness and can live a maximum of three months to a half year. Her only regret in life was abandoning her child and grandson in North Korea.

Ri Yeong Hoon is Ri Moon Seong’s father. He passed away, leaving Moon Seong alone. Jung Sung Cheol wanted to fulfil the chairwoman’s dying wish to see Moon Seong again.

As he started investigating, he found the real grandson, but unfortunately, he was a criminal and lowlife thug. Seong Cheol didn’t want to disclose the news and didn’t want to break her heart.

Seong Cheol Ajhussi visited a theatre group where he scouted Yoo Jae Heon and asked him to enter into a contract to play the role of the fake grandson. Of course, he would be handsomely paid for his services.

In order to become the fake Ri Moon Seong, Yoo Jae Heon decided to enter into a contract with his theatre group acting partner, Seo Yoon Hee. Seo Yoon Hee became his fake wife and together they entered the Park household.

Will Fake Ri Moon Seong, aka Yoo Jae Heon, be Caught?

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Initially, met with discontent and suspicion from Se Joon and Se Gyu, fake Moon Seong navigated the situation. He even managed the fake DNA part using Se Gyu and escaped the trap. Moong Seong and his fake wife made it clear they had no interest in the property and grandma’s will.

Things weren’t going according to plans as Se Yeon meddled and got Moon Seung, a job in the hotel. Se Yeon’s ex-fiance Bae Dong Jae wants to get back together with her. But she has no such intentions.  

Bae Dong Jae was initially flustered and on guard with Moon Seong’s presence, but this was resolved. Dong Jae knew that Se Yeon would fight against his brother Se Joon to protect the hotel. This is where the fake Moon Seong can get into a tricky situation.  

Constantly alert and have to remain guarded, Moon Seong’s lies could be exposed if they get caught or the real Moon Seong shows up.

The chairwoman threw a farewell party which created a crisis for the fake couple. Seo Yeon Hee’s mother is working for Se Joon and was invited to the party. Seo Yeon was nearly exposed, but thanks to the quick wits of Moon Seong and Ahjusshi, they escaped this crisis.

Even Yoo Jae Heon would have gotten caught because of Song Hyo Jin, who was his former client. Fake Moon Seong faked a panic attack to escape prying eyes.

So far, the fake couple has managed to stay under the radar, but things could get troublesome as the grandma had changed her will. The real Moon Seung is planning to escape to South Korea.

Curtain Call is now airing, and 7 episodes are out. Have fun streaming. Episode 8 wasn’t aired because of FIFA World Cup. The next episode will be shocking, for sure. At least Yoo Jae Heon needs to avert one more crisis.

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