Crunchyroll To Start Streaming Gravitation

Crunchyroll to start streaming Gravitation Tv Anime and OVA.

Crunchyroll To Start Streaming Gravitation
Gravitation Official Art–Shuichi (Left), Yuki (Right)

Crunchyroll just announced that they have added Gravitation to their catalog. And will start streaming the TV anime on their website on Thursday, October 14 at 2:00 pm Pacific Time or 5:00 p.m. EDT. The series has been launched for the United States and Canada for now, and may even see expansion into other counties going forward.

Gravitation is based on a Boys’ Love Manga that goes by the same name. The TV anime and the special OVA of Gravitation will be available for streaming in both English Dub and the original Japanese Dub version.

Gravitation follows the story of Shuichi, who wants nothing but to follow the footsteps of his favorite Idol, Ryuichi Sakuma, and the infamous band, Nittle Grasper. So, to achieve his dreams, Shuichi forms a band, Bad Luck, with his best friend, Hiro. But as fate might have it, he encounters a mysterious novelist, Eiri Yuki, who tells Shuichi that he has no talent.

Distraught by his comments, Shuichi decides to confront Yuki on his remarks once more. Leading to an age-old faithful encounter love story, where Shuichi struggles to balance his love interest and career.

The anime is renowned for its progressive story and even starting a trend of shounen-ai titles at the turn of the century.