13 Colourful and Catchy Kpop MVs Worth Streaming on Loop!!!

Which Kpop MV is colourful, vibrant and catchy that you can listen to on an infinite loop and stream till your heart desires?

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13 Colourful and Catchy Kpop MVs Worth Streaming on Loop!!!

When it comes to Kpop music, this genre has a lot to offer. There are so many beautiful Kpop themes, but when it comes to catchy music videos with colourful vibes, Korea does it better. Some of the Kpop songs are not only pleasant to listen to, but the music videos are also so beautiful that you want to keep watching them on loop. Here are some of the chosen Colorful and Catchy Kpop music videos (MVs) worth streaming!

13. I Can't Stop Me (Twice)

The 2020 Kpop video I Can’t Stop Me by Twice is very attractive and quite colourful. The aesthetics and colour combination are top-notch. The song is from the 2nd Album "Eyes Wide Open". Throughout the music video, you can see the red colour theme.

12. Frost (TXT)

The 2021 song Frost by TXT is from the album The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE. The colour details of the MV is quite eye-catching. Different emotions like spring, frozen, death, chaos and others are represented by the colours that signify them.  Frost is pretty catchy and worth streaming on a loop.

11. Hip (Mamamoo)

Everything about the Mamamoo song Hip is very colourful and eye-catching. Hip is from the album Vol. 2 - Reality in BLACK. Red and Black are consistent colours in the theme along with other complementary colours.

10. Loved You Better (Holland)

The 2019 song by Holland from the album Loved You Better deserves a mention. Loved You Better is colourful because of the underlying dark colours matching the different themes portraying darker emotions.

As the music video transitions to brighter colours showing the acceptance of the self and how the artists treat themselves better! Everyone deserves to treat themselves like a queen/king; a very positive message.

9. Boom Boom (Momoland)

The 2018 song by Momoland is from the album Great! In the Boom Boom music video, different members are represented by different colours, where majorly, yellow is a significant colour. The use of RGB colours especially blue and green shades make the MV quite appealing. The lyrics are quite catchy!

8. O Sole Mio (SF9)

O Sole Mio is from the third mini-album of SF9 Knights of the Sun. the 2017 song has a very pleasing colourful context and is pleasant to the ears. The MV uses the colours of daylight, sunlight, sunset and represents a warmer undertone. In the scene where the lyrics talk about darkness, the scene uses dark colours to portray the background. There are parts of the MV that used a greyscale an effect, which enhanced the beauty of the video.

7. Really Really (Winner)

Really Really (Winner)The 2017 song Really Really by Winner is from the album Fate Number For. The song is pretty catchy and the clever use of monochrome colours like greyscale makes the music video quite colourful in its own way. The expression of beauty in a colourless world makes it worth more appreciating.

6. Hey Mama (Exo-CBX)

The Exo unit CBX (Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin) from the 2016 album Hey Mama! is totally worth repeating the song on an infinite loop. The shares of blue and green are the main theme in the MV. The transition from lighter to darker colours as the song is contrasting about the night is pretty beautiful.

5. Boy Meets Evil (BTS)

Boy Meets Evil is from the comeback trailer from the album You Never Walk Alone. The solo of J-Hope with power-packed choreography and the purple shades make MV quite colourful and aesthetic. The clever use of purple shades and the devil wings was perfect symbolism.  As the colour changes into darker colours, so does the meaning of the lyrics.  Boy Meets Evil is just the perfect song for a repetitive stream!

4. DNA (BTS)

DNA by BTS is a 2017 song from the album Love Yourself: Her. The consistent use of VIBGYOR colours makes the MV quite colourful and aesthetic to watch. The explosion of colours and representation of love increases the appeal factor.

3. Siren (Sunmi)

Sunmi’s videos are colourful, vibrant and a treat to the eyes. She shows different themes in a very subtle manner. Siren, the 2018 song is from the album Warning. Just like the warning when the siren blazes, the clever use of red to signify potential danger is quite an eye-catching detail. The lighter and darker colours represent different sides of emotions.

2. Scentist (Vixx)

The concepts of VIXX are so pleasing, aesthetic and colourful. The 2018 song Scentist is from the album Eau de VIXX. The music video is represented in very distinctive tones white, red, green and neon. The mix of colours and sensory theme of the Kpop Mv was a genius effort.

1. Blood Sweat and Tears (BTS)

When it comes to a colourful MV, can we skip Blood Sweat and Tears (BST) by BTS? Not likely. The 2016 hit song is from the album You Never Walk Alone. You can see pretty much all the colours, and every single colour represents the members.

Blood sweat and Tears is quite catchy and say yes to an endless loop when streaming! The darker shades of colours represent different sins and the clever use of red with Namjoons monologue was mind-blowing.

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