Chimera Kdrama | How are Lee Joong Yeop and Cha Jae Hwan connected?

Is Lee Joong Yeop the Chimera? Why is he back? How are Cha Jae Hwan and Lee Joong Yeop related? What's reporter Kim Hyo Kyung thinking?

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Chimera Kdrama Lee Joong Yeop and Cha Jae Hwan

The mysterious suspense OCN drama Chimera has been quite interesting so far. With one twist and more reveals throughout the series, it has become crystal clear that the Chimera, the killer can’t be Lee Joong Yeop, or is he now? What about Cha Jae Hwan, his mom clearly knows about the “Fenian Fire” and is related to the previous crime in 1984.

Lee Joong Yeop’s Motive

Lee Joong Yeop

At the beginning of the series, Lee Joong Yeop was painted more than a mysterious doctor.  His actions made him look guilty and connected with the present-day killing of the people connected with the previous 1984 Chimera case.

People are dropping dead like flies. First, it was reporter Song Wan Ki,  then Han Joo Seok, and lastly ex-cop Hahm Yong Bok.

Cha Jae Wan & Eugene
Cha Jae Wan & Eugene

The police including Cha Jae Hwan, FBI specialist Eugene and Go Gwang Soo were convinced that Lee Joong Yeop was the Chimera (killer).  Due to a lack of evidence, Lee Joong Yeop gets released. Later, it is revealed that Lee Joong Yeop is searching for answers, specifically to his later father’s death.  Lee Joong Yeop is actually Lee Tae Yong, the suspected chimera Lee Sang Woo’s son.

Cha Jae Hwan and Cha Eun Soo

Cha Jae Hwan's mom
Cha Jae Hwan's mom

Cha Jae Hwan’s angle changed and he is convinced that Lee Joong Yeop is not Chimera. However, after Han Joo Seok’s death, Cha Jae Hwan’s mom, Cha Eun Soo is experiencing grief and forgetfulness. A distracted Cha Eun Soo ends up visiting Hanmyung University where she meets Eugene by coincidence.

Cha Eun Soo gets flashbacks of her past and ends up collapsing. Later it’s revealed that Cha Eun Soo is actually Ryu Sung Hee who mysteriously disappeared. Ryu Sung Hee was in an accident and is presumed dead along with her child due to a fire incident. She was a researcher in the 1984 team, researching TH-5.

Reporter Kim Hyo Kyung

Kim Hyo Kyung in Chimera Kdrama

Kim Hyo Kyung has been hounding Cha Jae Hwan for information. She dug out a critical piece of information and shared it with Eugene and Cha Jae Hwan. Kim Hyo Kyung was working on the Chimera piece and digging into the involvement of Seoryun Group, Evergreen case, and TH-5 cases.  

Her father, lawyer Kim Hyung Guk was connected with Lee Sang Woo and kept in touch with Lee Joong Yeop. Kim Hyo Kyung found information that her father has kept about researcher Ryu Sung Hee (Cha Jae Hwan’s mom) who was a possible whistleblower or was about to disclose before she mysteriously disappeared.

The Copycat Chimera

the estranged twins

The first two deaths were related to the original chimera deaths. However, the third death of the ex-cop was a chemical crime committed by a copycat chimera. Kang Sang Gu who works at Hanmyung University was one of the victims of the Seoryun and Evergreen case. Due to a genetic mutation, Kang Sang Gu has color blindness and cannot identify colors. This crushed his dream of becoming a firefighter, and he resorts to revenge against the people connected to the Chimera case.

He causes an industrial accident affiliated with Seoryun and later targeted Seo Hyun Tae, the chairman of Seoryun Group. Eugene and Kim Hyo Yang participated in a radio show. Eugene theorized that the new Chimera was a copycat and Kim Hyo Yang provoked  Kang Sang Gu.

copycat chimera
Copycat Chimera

Kang Sang Gu called the radio station and later even went to attack Eugene to prove his point. Thanks to Cha Jae Hwan’s quick response, they caught the copycat Chimera, but the real killer in the present is still at large.

It’s clear that Lee Jeong Yeop, Cha Jae Hwan, and even Kim Hyo Kang are connected because of the events of 1984. In a surprising reveal, Cha Jae Hwan’s mom was revealed as the person (Chimera 1984) who killed the researchers because they accidentally set her house on fire. Her son might have died, but then who is Cha Jae Hwan? Stay Tuned with Chimera Kdrama which is unraveling more mysteries.