Chad In Bleach, The Strength of Del Diablo

Yasutora Sado or commonly known as Chad, is the most undermined character in Bleach. Chad is one of the closest friends and allies of Ichigo Kurosaki.

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Chad in Bleach

Yasutora Sado or commonly known as Chad is the most undermined character in Bleach. Chad is one of the closest friends and allies of Ichigo Kurosaki.

Interestingly, Sado is his family name and somehow Ichigo ends up calling him Chad and the rest is history.  

Chad and Ichigo Kurosaki are extremely close and both of them are very similar, maybe this is why they click so well.

Chad is voted the 6th most popular character in the first character poll.  Other than Ichigo, Chad is close friends with Orihime, Uryu,  and Rukia.

Chad is a Mexican-Japanese descendant and he was bullied a lot for his appearance. Yasutora Sado appears older than he actually is. He has a tattoo that reads Amore e Morte’ which means Love and Death.

Initially, Sado was very violent and he would attack anyone who annoyed him. His Abuelo (grandpa) had a positive change in him and he mended his ways. He became more gentle.

Chad has an old Mexican coin which he treasures a lot. He received it from his Abuelo.

Ichigo risked his life to save his coin from the bullies which he cherishes a lot. Ichigo and he had together made a vow to fight together and protect each other.

Yasutora Sado likes cute things and small animals and plushies like Kon. He is one of the few characters that treat Kon with respect in the series.

Chad has high intelligence, he ranked 11th throughout his school. He likes tomatoes. Sado also possesses a bass guitar.

Yoruichi Shihouin trained Chad before they left to save Rukia Kuchiki from Soul Society. His fight with Shinsui Kyoraku ended up with him badly injured.

Sado was also associated with Xcution, a group comprising Fullbringers.  He is a Fullbringer. In the Live-action adaptation of Bleach movie, actor Yu Koyanagi plays the role of Yasutora Sado.


Yasutora Sado with Ichigo and Orihime

Yasuto Sado has a very quiet personality. Chad is kind-hearted and gentle in nature. Sado vowed to not fight back unless it was to protect others.  He would risk his life to uphold his vows.

He is often mistaken as a bully or is the subject of jokes due to his build and personality. Until absolutely necessary he would not fight back against others.

Chad is extremely loyal to his friends and would do anything to protect them. He would go to any lengths to save them.

Fighting together with Ichigo, he vowed to train harder and become stronger. His resolve to become strong awakened his powers when he was in a dire situation.

“The thing that we call power is dynamic, it keeps on changing.”


Yasutora Sado has superhuman strength and endurance.  He can easily lift the weight of 400kg easily.

His bare fists were able to knock out hollows in the battle. Some of Sado’s techniques are Chad Catapult, Grua Tiar (Crane throw). Yasutora Sado has high resistance to damage.

He was able to feel the spirits and hollows however he couldn’t see them. After saving Karin (Ichigo’s sister) from the clutches of a hollow, his spiritual awareness awakened. Chad is an expert in hand-to-hand combat.

He was ranked as the 6th most popular character in the first character popularity poll. Sado also ranked 14th, 31st, and 18th in the second, third, and fourth character popularity polls respectively.

Why is Chad so strong in Bleach?

Chad is a very dynamic and strong character in Bleach. He is a Fullbringer who might have part hollow powers like an Espada. Sado is naturally strong and he is immensely powerful.

His physical strength and robust powers make him powerful. His Fullbringer abilities  Brazo Derecha de Gigante and Brazo Izquierda del Diablo are very powerful. Using these abilities he can attack and defend at the same time.

His power comes from the skin of his arms. He's big and strong fists can defeat enemies without breaking any sweat.

Chad Yasutora’s Fullbring

His Fullbringer abilities are:

Brazo Derecha de Gigante – Right Arm of the Giant. It is a weapon and form of Armor. Brazo Derecha de Gigante makes Chad extremely strong, giving him enhanced strength and durability.

Chad can fire powerful blasts of energy from his fists.

Chad uryu and orihime

Brazo Izquierda del Diablo – Left Arm of the Devil. Chad’s power awakened during his fight with Gantenbainne. Brazo Izquierda del Diablo gives him enhanced strength in his left arm.

La Muerte (The Death) or one strike of the Demon is a very powerful attack. When attacked with La Muerte, a huge skull is left behind on the surface.

Is Chad Stronger than Uryu?

Chad does have powerful skills and can dominate his enemies and in terms of physical strength, he can overpower Uryu.

Uryu is not a weak character, not by any chance. However, Uryu’s Quincy powers give him slightly better advantages over Chad. If Chad has muscles, Uryu has brains in this case.

Quincy's powers are different from a Fullbring in terms of strength and weaknesses. In a close-range fight, Uryu might face a disadvantage, whereas Chad can overpower his enemies in close combat.