God Of Highschool: Can Mori Dan Surpass Mori Jin?

Mori Dan is a character from the famous South Korean webtoon The God of Highschool. The Little Monkey, Mori Dan is a high school student of Apricot High.

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Mori Dan with Dwaeyi and Mira

Mori Dan is a character from the famous South Korean webtoon The God of Highschool. The Little Monkey, Mori Dan is a high school student of Apricot High. Mori Dan makes his appearance after the events of Ragnarok. Let’s check out Mori Dan from the God of Highschool webtoon.  Mori Dan is an extension of Mori Jin.

A word of caution to the readers: it contains potential spoilers from the webtoon so tread carefully.

Interesting facts about Mori Dan

mori dan
  • Mori Dan is a 17-year-old highschool student from Apricot High, South Korea.
  • He is in Camellia class based on high Borrowed power strength. Camellia class is for students with weak borrowed power.
  • Mori Dan has a little sister, Ahan Dan, and he deeply cares about her.
  • Ahan Dan is a strong and talented Charyeok user who studies in Peony class. She‘s considered one of the strongest Charyeok users in the school.
  • People in the school keep a distance from Mori Dan because of Ahan’s influence.  
  • His first debut appearance was in chapter 308 of the webtoon. He is a cheerful and optimistic person.
  • Dan has no talent for Charyeok unlike his sister, but he has strong physical endurance and strength.
  • Mori Jin has forgotten everything about his past life. This leaves no memories for Mo-ri Dan from his previous life as Mori Jin or the Monkey King.
  • Like Mori Jin’s motivation to live was his grandpa, Mori Dan lives for his sister Ahan.
  • After the events of Ragnarok, Mori Dan becomes weaker than  Mori Hui. He accepts his weakness and trains for it.  Mori Jung challenges him, but he defeats him.
  • Mori Dan is more analytical than Mori Jin.

Relationships of the Little Monkey

Ahan Dan & Mori Dan

Ahan Dan & Mori Dan

Mori Dan and his little sister Ahan Dan are close. He feels responsible for hurting her. During the Ragnarok event, after Mori Jin lost control of his powers, he accidentally caused Ahan to get hurt.  

In the process of destruction, her ankle got hurt. After realizing he hurt baby Ahan, Mori Jin came to his senses and calmed down. Ahan’s parents passed away in the Ragnarok, so Mori Dan is his only living relative. Her crippled ankle has caused lifelong disability for her, and Mori Dan feels guilty about it.

Ahan cares about her brother a lot. She’s extremely protective of him and doesn’t want him to use his powers. Initially, it looked like she had an inferiority complex toward her brother but the reality was far from it.

She wanted to protect him from getting his original identity discovered.  After the Ragnarok, Mori Jin becomes a known fugitive. Ahan knew about this, which is why she wanted to protect and hide his brother. Because of his guilt and a form of atonement, he dedicated his entire life to Ahan Dan.


excited mori jin

Mori Dan doesn’t have any Charyeok. He has superhuman strength, a high level of endurance, and superhuman speed.

Little Monkey uses Renewal Taekwondo, Blue dragon’s quick, Karate chop, and Mori Jin original among many other attacks. Mori Dan has high analytical skills.

He has the Monkey king’s mystical garments – Yongpyo which recognized him as the owner.  Mori Dan can also use Yeoui, which he hid in his left ear (Shrunken form).  Little Monkey has copied many of Mor Jin’s martial arts before knowing about his real identity.