Can the ending of Assassination Classroom make anyone cry?

Is Assassination Classroom best anime in teacher genre?

Can the ending of Assassination Classroom make anyone cry?

To begin with, it is a very under rated anime despite being such a good anime series  because it showcases the bond between a teacher and student. All the characters which are  present in this series have some sort of backstory amd most of these backstory that they have are sad. But on the other hand show itself is quite funny.

The best character is obviously being Koro sensei everyone's favourite. He gives amazing life lessons too and is not just a funny character. He helps his students by however means he can. His backstory can make anyone cry and feel sad for him.

Koro Sensei claims to have destroyed 3/4th of the moon and in the next one year he claims to destroy earth too. After which he starts to teach class 3-e at Kunugigaoka high school. Where he began to teach the students ways of assassination. The japanese government also put a reward of 10 billion yen whoever will kill Koro sensei from these students. But this thing seems to be impossible to achieve as Koro sensei have superhuman like abilities.

He have abilities like super regeneration, accelerated thought, visual cloning etc at his use. On the other hand he is the best teacher ever as he teaches his students a lot of good things to live in their life. He make them study in a good way as well as he helps them in increasing their grades, as well as their prospect about their own future he helped them in which makes him the most wanted teacher which everyone wants.

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Coming back to the story at first the show was kinda boring and lengthy as it have long cast and each character's backstory is shown which makes this a very lengthy series first time watching. The main fun in the series actually starts off from series two onwards which is not a very bad thing but it makes us waiting what will happen next in the story.

Ultimately I began to take interest in this series and then I began of this anime series. The journey of each episode is worth watching it and you will ultimately enjoy this a lot. One bad thing that i dislike about this series is it's ending on the other hand many believe it have a strong ending but according to me it doesn't have a good ending.

The strongest part of this series is the characters and their interaction between each other. Well, overall it is a good anime series which can be recommended.

Is Assassination Classroom is way emotional than Naruto? Thoughts on this!

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Yes, absolutely Assassination Classroom is way emotional than Naruto. As in Naruto series there is a concept of afterlife after dying where each character seems to go. So, there are less emotions as we know where at the end each character will be at. For example, Asuma sensei he was an awesome character but his death was not as emotional after his back story was shown.

This is also the case in the Great 4th Ninja war where Neji dead in order to protect Naruto. But the death of the others was overlooked and only Neji's death was given the whole focus as it seems like only one death occured. So, that is the reason that emotions in Naruto are less as compared to Assassination Classroom.

On the other hand in Assassination Classroom there is only one sad scene of death which is ultimate as whole story is build up to that point. And during the death tge emotions came out automatically which says for itself.

Can the ending of Assassination Classroom make anyone cry?

Well, for many viewers the ending of our favourite anime is quite emotional and have made many cry. The journey with Koro sensei ultimately came to an end. In the end Koro sensei tells Nagisa to put a knife through the hole in his tie.

The hole have a symbolism with Kori sensei life as some viewers connects it with the loneliness that he had through that hole so that's why he tells Nagisa to cut through that which gave everyone chills at some moment after realizing that. So, that's why watching Koro sensei die made some of the viewers to cry.

Was it possible to save Koro Sensei?

Well, the blue team which was formed was only due to the fact of saving Koro Sensei and this blue team includes Nagisa, Yoshida and Teresaka as well as Karma. They don't want their favourite teacher to get assassinated. Karma and Nagisa is always seen on the opposite side but this time in order to save Koro Sensei they join together. This showed that they could save Koro Sensei but in the end they couldn't.