Business Proposal Kdrama Ending | Why did Shin Ha Ri and Kang Tae Moo Separate?

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Kang Tae Moo and Shin Ha Ri have maintained their relationship despite the obstacles and uncomfortable gossip at work. Now that the media is aware of their relationship and Kang Tae Moo’s grandpa hasn’t given their blessings, can the couple survive?

Why did Shin Ha Ri and Kang Tae Moo separate despite their chemistry, commitment, and love? What happened this time? Why did Shin Ha Ri leave Kang Tae Moo? Will they break up?

What is the reason for separation? Business Proposal Kdrama has ended and episode 16 will answer these questions, so let’s find out!

Why did Kang Tae Moo’s Grandpa Lie?

Motivated and made his resolve, Kang Da Koo, Kang Tae Moo’s Grandpa faked his illness and got admitted to the hospital. The plan was all well and good until Kang Tae Moo overheard the call where his grandpa admitted the truth.

Determined to teach him a lesson, Kang Tae Moo sent Shin Ha Ri to take care of him. Initially, Kang Da Koo had his guard up, but he later opened up to Shin Ha Ri.

Never Should’ve lied???

Although Kang Da Koo lied to get his grandson’s attention, there was bad news awaiting him. The doctors told Kang Tae Moo that his grandpa had issues with his heart.

The stent in his heart vessel was problematic and in Korea, he can’t get treatment. The only possible option is to go to the States for treatment. Surgery was not a possible option for Kang Da Koo.

The sad news could mean either Shin Ha Ri and Kang Tae Moo separate for some time or they could visit America together. Knowing Shin Ha Ri’s personality, this option wasn’t very optimistic.

Shin Ha Ri and Kang Tae Moo’s Decision

Kang Da Koo is Kang Tae Moo’s only family left. It’s natural he wanted to do the best for his grandpa. Kang Tae Moo was getting desperate so he asked Shin Ha Ri to come with him.

Shin Ha Ri wouldn’t have to leave her job and could work in the overseas branch as long as they were together. Shin Ha Ri thought this through and after much thinking, she decided to stay back in Korea.

From Shin Ha Ri’s perspective it’s the logical reason because firstly, Kang Tae Moo’s grandpa hasn’t accepted their relationship. If she goes with them, his grandpa could get even more stressed.

There’s also the office gossip and “riding on the boyfriend’s coattails” issues which Shin Ha Ri didn’t feel was right. She wanted to protect him and didn’t want to hurt him. So the best option was for them to separate for a short time.

This doesn’t mean that Shin Ha Ri and Kang Tae Moo will break up, they will have a long-distance relationship.

There were rumors about Kang Tae Moo dating someone else, but we all know that’s not true.   Kang Tae Moo remained faithful and soon would make an appearance back in Korea to surprise Shin Ha Ri!

There’s a time skip for one year and Kang Tae Moo returns back to Korea. Although there were no wedding bells, Shin Ha Ri and Kang Tae Moo got back together and the long-distance relationship ended.

Business Proposal Kdrama has finally ended. The 12 episodes story was short and sweet, although a bit rushed towards the end.

The last two episodes felt shorter as if the writers were trying to wrap things up quickly. There was no hint of Kang Da Koo getting sick, which was pretty surprising.

Thankfully, there was nothing sad and even Cha Sung Hoon proposed to Jin Yeong Seo. the only sad thing was that Jin Yeong Seo didn’t get closure and his dad never really changed.

Business Proposal Kdrama is currently streaming on Netflix, so have fun binging if you haven’t watched the drama yet!

Business Proposal Kdrama | Will Shin Ha Ri and Kang Tae Moo Break Up?
Did Kang Tae Moo’s grandpa know the truth? Can their relationship survive?

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