BTS: 'Yet To Come' Song Review

With the conclusion of chapter one, BTS returns with a brand new album, which includes the title single "Yet To Come." Read on to receive a quick overview of the song.

Yet To Come

We don't seem to be able to move on from the HYYH era, and for good reason. It's not just us even BTS doesn't want to move on. BTS began a period they termed 'The Most Beautiful Moment In Life' in 2015.

That title alluded to the stage of young adulthood when everything appears to be attainable and full of possibility, yet paralyzing doubts and uncertainties lurk around every corner as you attempt to negotiate a life of responsibility and self-sufficiency. Six years later, the Korean group has returned to that description, older, wiser, and further removed from the intensity of that transitional era.

'The Most Beautiful Moment In Life,' however, has changed this time. It's no longer confined to a particular stage of life or even to the present.

"Yet To Come"(The Most Beautiful Moment) 

The debut track from BTS' new anthology album 'Proof,' 'Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment),' is nostalgic while still bursting with promise for the future.

'Proof,' which mostly comprises the songs that drove BTS to their current dizzying heights (or demos and alternate versions of those songs), is a time to take stock and reflect, and 'Yet To Come' jumps right into that mood.

Throughout the single, a moving piece of alternative hip-hop, the seven members consider everything from the awards they've received over the years to their purpose and destiny.

"Yet To Come": (The Most Beautiful Moment) Lyrics

The power and purity of BTS' lyrics is something they will never lose. Each word is so neatly knit that it sticks out among the other artists.

In today's pop music, their songs provide a venue for the depth, intricacy, and figurative language associated with poetry. They've been noted for writing sophisticated lyrics since the beginning of their career.

Every song they write is based on their actual experiences, rather than being made up to impress their listeners. Their songs are honest and based on their personal experiences. People are drawn to them because of the challenges they've faced throughout their lives. The fact that their songs make everyone feel at ease says a lot.

BTS weaves the most diversified set of parallels and metaphors that span the worlds of art, history, philosophy, and psychology through their lyrics and music videos. Furthermore, the plots of their music videos, as well as the connecting bridges between their own songs, have spawned vast mythology.

"Yet To Come" lyrics 

V sings early on, his voice rich and sumptuous in tone, and confident in attitude,

"Yeah, the past was honestly the greatest / But my best is what comes next."

As the gliding melodies of the outgoing chorus are immersed in ultra low-frequency bass, Suga raps,

"That uncomfortable title we were awarded one day / We are still abashed by being labelled the best."

The group's humble ethos still pervades its discussions, with members frequently dismissing the lofty meanings of the monikers that are frequently used to refer to them (record breakers, history makers and many more).

"We just loved music / We're just running forward,"

Jungkook says matter-of-factly, while J-Hope adds that there's still work to be done despite the world's high opinion of the band:

"I still have a lot to learn / I still have a lot to do in my life.

The ruminations on 'Yet To Come' don't simply look back in time, but also take up on some of the themes that have run across BTS' whole discography. They touch on the idea of having a dream ("Do you have a dream?") while they rap and sing their story. ("What's at the end of that road?"), youth, and development ("Heading toward the day / More like ourselves").

Musically, the song also looks back on what's gone before. It has the same emotional tone as 2017's 'Spring Day,' one of the group's best tracks, while also going even deeper back in time. There's a faint, high-pitched sound in the track's layers.

Yet To Come X HYYH Era

As beautiful as the music video is, the one thing that makes it even more beautiful is the references the new music video had.

Young Forever x Yet To Come 
Watch the full video to catch different references from BTS's old music videos 
Spring Day x Yet To Come 
Just One Day x Yet To Come 
RUN x Yet To Come 
Spring Day x Yet To Come 

The song isn't the only new tune on 'Proof,' and the album's other new tracks continue the effort to bring this chapter of BTS' story to a close.

When an era comes to an end, there's frequently a sense of finality that comes with it, and 'Proof' is no exception. When one door closes, another one opens, and there are plenty of times in these compelling songs to assuage any anxieties that this is it for good. The most beautiful moment in life will continue to transform into new peaks, just like 'Yet To Come' promises us, and BTS won't be far behind, as Jungkook's smooth vow of "Promise that we'll keep on coming back for more" suggests.

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