BTS Tops The Billboard Charts Again!!

'Butter', debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, one week after its release. BTS even thanked ARMY’s through a very sweet video message on Youtube.

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World's biggest group BTS is back with a catchy summer track, their first summer song since 'Fire', ‘Butter’. 'Butter' was released on 21st May 2021 at 1PM KST. 'Butter' is the group’s second English song. BTS is having a pretty smooth start to the week. 'Butter', debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, one week after its release. Their English-language single became BTS’s fourth No. 1 in nine months. This is the quickest any act has received four number ones in the Billboard HOT 100 chart since Justin Timberlake, a decade and a half ago, and among groups, the fastest since the Jackson 5 in 1970.

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BTS is now also become the seventh artists to earn their first four Hot 100 No. 1 in less than a year, joining the likes of The Beatles and Mariah Carey. Topping the charts again isn’t new to BTS. The members-RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin, Jungkook used their superstar glows to melt the hearts of their ARMY’s.

BTS’s Butter Broke the records on YouTube and other digital platforms!!!!!!!!!!

The song’s music video was the biggest premiere in YouTube history, with 3.9 million viewers at the premiere on 21st May. BTS broke their own premiere record that was set at the release of 'Dynamite'. Dynamite attracted 3 million viewers at the release. The video also set a new all-time record for YouTube video views in the first 24 hours. 'Butter' acquired over 108.2 million in the first 24 hours of its release breaking their own record of Dynamite which got 101.1 million in first 24 hours.

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After the single dropped on Spotify, it achieved 11,042,335 unfiltered global streams in just one day. This broke the record of the most streamed track on Spotify in the first 24 hours, surpassing Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s, 'I Don’t Care' by 64,946 streams.

'Butter' also broke Amazon Music's record. Globally, the song received the most first-week streams by any song in the history of Amazon Music. The first week streams for 'Butter' on the platform were more than the double of 'Dynamite'.

For the month of April, BTS became the most streamed group on Spotify, with about 16.3 billion streams, breaking Coldplay’s record.

With the release of 'Butter', the group now holds an incredible 23 Guinness World Records making them one of the most successful music groups worldwide.

Earlier this year, BTS even made history being the first Korean act to receive a Grammy nomination. At the Butter press conference they showed their excitement for the upcoming Grammys. “We are thinking of the Grammys”, said RM when was asked about Butter receiving recognition by the Recording Academy.

BTS thank you tweet 

Bangtan Thanking ARMY’s

Is it ever been an achievement for BTS without thanking their precious ARMY’s? BTS are always very humble and considerate towards their fans. In a video, J-Hope said, “They (ARMY) make us who we are today. They gave us the wings to fly.” This love for ARMY's was also seen in their new song "Butter". The lyrics "Got ARMY's right behind us when we say so, even BTS knows that ARMY's got their backs for forever.  In the Butter Music Video, they ,mentioned ARMY through a very sweet gesture. After 'Butter' achieved the first spot at the Billboard Hot 100 chart, BTS straight away tweeted their gratitude for the ARMY’s on their twitter handle, captioning “ah ah ah ah! Thank you Army”. RM and Jin separately thanked ARMY’s through a post on WeVerse. Not just this, BTS even thanked ARMY’s through a very sweet video message on YouTube.

The bond between BTS and ARMY’s was always strong and pure and will stay this way. The fact that BTS never forgets to thank their fans speaks volumes.

Thanks for reading. Till then stream 'Butter' on YouTube, Spotify, Shazam and other digital platforms.

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